Monday, 22 April 2013

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Nutritionists' survey says fatty acids are good for health.
While fats have always been blamed for increasing cholesterol levels diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart problems, some fatty acids ae indeed required by the body to build up a good immunity, say nutritionists. They recommend the use of coconut oil in food as it has no trans-fat. Regular consumption of at least 2 teaspoon of coconut oil in a day is good for a healthy balanced diet.
(Me: Good news for southies!)
Drowsy at work?
Sip a glass of water when your eyelids start to droop. This simple trick can shut down sleepiness in as little as two minutes. Research says, it can also boost your focus, concentration and energy by 33% for 90 minutes.
Gurgling noise in stomach
Sip some peppermint tea. The stomach racket occurs when muscles surrounding the digestive tract contract rapidly, forcing large packets of gas to gurgle through partially digested food. Swallowing a lot of air, by chewing gum or sipping bubbly sodas, for example, can worse the racket. Sipping peppermint tea after meals can prevent this noise entirely.
A throbbing headache
Firmly massaging your scalp (paying close attention to the hairline, behind your ear and the base of your skull can put an end to pain in five minutes.
Shaky hands..
Too much caffeine, too little exercise are two of the many factors that can make your body's production of stress hormone go up. The result of an adrenalin overload is tight, tense muscle and jittery hands. To stop this problem quickly, spend three minutes walking up and down a flight of stairs (swinging your arms and breathing deeply as you do).
The trace minerals in semolina (rawa), such as phosphorus, zinc and magnesium, are beneficial for the health of bones and nervous system.
Tomato protects the liver from cirrhosis as well as helps in dissolving gallstones.
Potassium present in almond helps regulate blood pressure.
Gardening can help fight those extra pounds
London: People who participate in community gardening have a significantly lower body mass index, as well as lower odds of being overweight or obese, than their non-gardening neighbours, a new study has found.
Men oozing with testosterone is what women want
Women in their peak fertility find the smell of men with higher testosterone levels more appealing: a new study..
Chimps talk to each other like passionate Italians: study
Washington: Chimpanzees use a mixture of passionate gestures, vocalizations and even sign language to get their points across with each other and with humans, a new study has found. Like a passionate Italian uses a combination of hand movements and sounds, the chimpanzees often succeed in conveying what's on their minds.

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