Friday, 5 April 2013

Re: [] Ganesh leaves office with top grade

Now things are crystal clear why Mr Gnanesh Kumar has to leave the ministry and has to under go all these torture.
As said in one of the movies the best way to tarnish the image of a Public person is to attack him on his morale side.
Here Balakrishna Pillai used his own daughter in law to kill his son.
There is nothing surprise about the action of Mrs. Ganesh since the tamil saying is as follows.
If you earn your father loves you.
If you give, your sister loves you
If you give or not Your mother takes care of you.
and Your friend will save you by sacrifising his lfe for you while wife wont hesitate to kill you.
I have just translated the meaning please. 
Mrs. Ganesh proved right this tamil saying.

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