Monday, 18 March 2013

[] Khatte-mitten khabhrain from around the world for 18/3/13


"In the happiness of his subject lies his happiness; in their welfare his welfare; whatever pleases himself he shall not consider as good, but whatever makes his subjects happy, he shall consider good." KAUTILYA IN ARTHA SHAASTRA (Chanakya said it thousands of years ago, yaarons n yaarinis, and not applicable to our current times….)
"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting the lion not to attack you because you are a vegetarian. Think about it."
Mind chow…
Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.
Health tips…
Green tea has a natural component that helps speed up metabolism..
(Me: In the company I worked in, the workmen take a cup of piping hot tea immediately after their lunch.  I would often wonder how they could gulp it down so soon after…)
For optimum digestion after a meal, your stomach should be half-full with solids, one-quarter with liquid, and another quarter with air.

Weird world
Dug undergoes surgery after eating 111 pennies.
A New York City dog has undergone emergency surgery to remove more than 111 pennies from his stomach.  The doctors put Jack under anesthesia and methodically removed all the 111 coins.  Te zinc from the coins could be lethal.
Woman uses flash mob to propose…
A woman used a flash mob to propose o her boyfriend after seeing him for the first time in two years, and after accepting her offer he whipped out an engagement ring from his pocket and proposed.  Britanny Jones thought up the crafty plan while her fiancé Austin Spitler was away on a two-year church mission, but in a surprise twist Austin accepted her offer of marriage before getting out an engagement ring from his back pocket and prosing right back.
Woman to husband: "I never get mad at you for no reason, but sometimes I get mad at you for reasons I haven't thought of yet."
Think it over…
"Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy" – Franz Kafka
(Me: Absolutely!)
Mona: What is it about men that is soft during the day and hard at night?
Sona: I refused to answer such a vulgar question.
Mona: What is vulgar about it?  It was referring to the drinks that men take.
(Courtesy: KS column in HT)
News of the day…
Man held for ex-girlfriend's suicide…
A man has been arrested for abetting the suicide of his ex-girlfriend who hanged herself in Borivli after her marriage to another man was called off.  The accused is suspected to have sent a letter to her would-be in-laws maligning the 23-year-old victim.
(Me: Many, many jealous and frustrated ex-boyfriends do stoop to such low, despicable cunning methods…)
News and views…
AI to start new services to Italy…
(Me: You can't entice the Italian marines to return to India.. so easily)
Cartoon quip: "It's decided.  We stop playing cricket with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Italy"
Tamils (in TN) rough up Sri Lankan Buddhist monk in Thanjavur.
(This from 'peace-loving' Indians..  How different are we from hotheads in other countries, whom we relish lambasting day in and day out?).
Quote of the day: "Lord Krishna was an envoy (the "Shanti Dhoot") to the Kauravas who enjoyed total immunity in the Mahabharat" – Natwar Singh, former foreign minister, on diplomatic immunity for the Italian envoy.
(Me: And India is a country that swears by Lord Krishna's Gita, Hindus' most sacred and revered scripture)
Why lipstick makes women look younger…
New York: A dash of red lipstick makes women look younger because it increases facial contrast, says a study.  Facial contrast is a major psychological cue for youth and could be attained by making lips bright and cheeks rosy, claimed the experts.  According to the researchers, aspects of facial contrast – the contrast between facial features and the surrounding skin – decreased with age in a large sample of adult Caucasian females.

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