Tuesday, 19 March 2013

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Thats what children are all about so innocent so angelics and you've given a true frame.

Wish i was a child all over again...........


Do you remember the time when you couldn't bypass any puddle, when every season was the time to have fun? You were happy when it was snowing, when it was raining, when the sun was shining, when the leaves were falling. You were happy all  the time. You were a child.

Children have imagination.  They know that every single thing has its soul. They see it, they feel it. They are never bored because everything around them is alive! Children have faith  They believe in everything. They dream their big dreams and they know for sure that one day they will come true.

Children are not afraid to experiment, to try something new. They are not afraid to fall.

For them life is a game and they just have fun!

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