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[] The world's best companies for grooming leaders


The world's best companies for grooming leaders
Rank 1 : IBM
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The list of 25 companies by Aon Hewitt, the RBL Group and Fortune,
titled 'Top Companies for Leaders 2011 Study Results', is topped by
IBM, with General Mills and P&G coming next.

Rank 2 : General Mills Fun & Info @
In this Fortune 500 company, which primarily deals with food products
and is the owner of famous brands such as Pillsbury and Haagen-Dazs,
over 90 per cent of management promotions are internal.

Rank 3 : Procter & Gamble Fun & Info @
Every chief executive at P&G, which is also on the Fortune list of
most admired companies, started at the entry level in the company.

Rank 4 : Aditya Birla Group Fun & Info @
The multinational conglomerate, which operates in over 33 countries,
honours its employees who teach skills to villagers.

Rank 5 : Colgate-Palmolive Fun & Info @
The healthcare and personal products company has a seven-day Colgate Leadership Challenge in which junior employees work on a team business
project, are taken through presentations by senior leaders, and do charity work.

Rank 6 : Hindustan Unilever Fun & Info @
HUL, India's largest consumer goods company, sends young managers
to live in Indian villages so that they can understand the needs of rural consumers.

Rank 7 : ICICI Bank Fun & Info @
ICICI Bank, India's largest private sector bank, assigns talent scouts to
identify promising employees.

Rank 8 : McDonald's Fun & Info @
McDonald's, the world's largest chain of fast-food restaurants, has
an officer development programme to train talent in finance, human
resources and marketing.

Rank 9 : Whirlpool Fun & Info @
The American home appliance manufacturer has a set of senior executives
who serve as "innovation mentors" who are tasked with evaluating business ideas.

Rank 10 : PepsiCo Fun & Info @
The American multinational food and beverage company works on
10-year growth plans for individuals who the company believes have
the potential climb high on the corporate ladder.

Rank 23 : Wipro Fun & Info @
Wipro Ltd is India's third-largest software services exporter. More than
100 executives have gone on to start their own businesses.

Rank 24 : Bharti Airtel Fun & Info @
Bharti Airtel is India's leading telecom services provider. The company
has a reverse mentoring programme, in which junior employees tutor
senior staff about new technology.

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