Wednesday, 7 November 2012

[] Keep the Engine Running - A lesson for consistency in your character


Fun & Info @ Keralites.netFun & Info @ Keralites.netAfter the major hierarchy changes in the company's organization our Senior Director delivered a lecture to clear the doubts the employees may have and to elaborate the company's strategy behind this move. He explained the advantages of this new change in detail and advised us to endeavor in overcoming the challenges during the transition period. In my opinion, the core part of his lecture was when he asked us to 'Keep the engine running'. Later I pondered on this line and I concluded that this is such a powerful line which can help overcome a lot oftragic challengesin personal and professional life and help reduce thestresslevels.

Thinking about this concept of'Keeping the Engine Running', I believe that efforts to achieve any goals in your personal or professional life should not be stopped till the time we conquer. The momentum of things can be slow or fast at different phases of time but overall efforts should not be halted. When you have doubt of failure for a specific task, you can take next small step to determine if things are going in right direction. In case this small step is successful you can continue our journey towards the target. In case of failure you can take corrective action by moving one step back. This will give you the wisdom and experience not to repeat this mistake in next phases of your project. By the way, don't consider failure as opposite to success; consider it as part of your success because it is empowering your experience and wisdom to achieve the target with maximum perfection.

Yourunstable behavioris polluting your success journey. Yoursuccessdemands consistency in your deeds. Remember the fact that consistent actions become your habits, consistent habits define your character and a concrete character makes the foundation of your bright destiny. So keep the engine running, always!


M Junaid Tahir

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