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Rajwinder, Punjab's NRI bride, left a series of broken heartsthe kind that heroines aspire for. Arrested in May, she had married five men, duped several of them and, in the last instance, did the vanishing act with Rs 5 crore. She is a kalakar (artist), claims the prosecution lawyer. Once the police put out her photograph in the newspaper, people from as far as Patiala flocked to Ferozepur to make claims that she had conned them.
Sangeeta alias Rachna alias Pooja from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, set the bar only slightly higherseven men, reportedly. Shahanaz Ismail from Kerala, too, duped seven men in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. At 25, she even convinced one of her husbands to let her live in a hostel so that she could prepare for the civil services exams.
Sonal Tadvi from Vadodara was set up with Dinesh Bhai by matchmakers' Usha and Teeni Ben. They allegedly accepted money from Dinesh. Sonal was apparently unaware of what was happening and fled when she felt something was amiss. Dinesh and his relatives followed in hot pursuit, Hindi movie style, on a rickshaw. The traffic in Vadodara proved to be her undoing. They caught her at a red light.
In Barmer, Rajasthan, early this month, groom Anjuram's family arrived with the baraat to find that the bride's relatives were not waiting outside anxiously with thalis. They had locked up and left. The broker who had fixed the wedding for Rs 3.6 lakh was missing, too.

Runaway bride: Sangeeta has allegedly married seven times

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