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[] One Way to Culture Love


One Way to Culture Love

God said:

Therefore, you must engage your heart in love. Your heart is to send out signals of love. Other signals are not okay. All signals from your heart are counted. The more your heart stays in love, the more the world rises. It is like your heart charges the battery of the world. Your heart swells the world with love, or your heart takes away love. Which is it for your heart?

I know you would like to love on command, yet you do not yet have such mastery. So what you can do then is to have fun, give fun, and be fun. This kind of lightness will help to engage you in love. This is one way to culture love.

If this is a work day, you don't have to take the day off. I am not encouraging you to only follow your whim and to only follow what you feel like doing. I am saying to have a lightness and have fun at whatever you are involved in.

Children are good at that. Too often they are scolded for being good at that. I am not scolding you from having evaded fun. I am encouraging you, however, to return to fun. Have fun at work. Give yourself some fun. Give yourself some love.

You can have a difficult task at hand, and still you can have fun with it. You are not a stranger to the concept that attitude is everything. You can set yourself in a direction that you want to go. I say you must. If the life you are carrying is a burden for you, then you must uplift your attitude. You must change it. You are not to sit waiting for your view of your life or your view of today or your view of something to change from negative to positive. You are the changer of your life. Of course, I understand that you cannot change how you feel by dint of will. Nevertheless, you can set the direction you want to go in. You can turn the dial.

There is a big difference between dint of will's not accomplishing and your doing nothing. If you are sitting in a chair, you can get up. Ultimately, I am your Source, yet surely you don't think you are to do nothing but wait for Me. While you wait for Me, I charge you to take steps. You have a will, and you can will to move your life forward. Even though I am the Doer, you can do something. Never did I mean you to be long-suffering and passive. You are not to stay in the same spot and wait for Me to be your Knight in Shining Armor. Better that you attract what it is you want from Me, and I will enter the domain you have set.

Arise! Cast your eye on what you desire. And right now, desire to have fun and be fun. If you cannot have fun for yourself, then smile at someone else and perhaps you will brighten his heart. When you do so, your burden will be lightened.

What did you think it means when I say you are meant to be the Light of the World?

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