Tuesday, 7 August 2012

[www.keralites.net] Conversation Pits & Sunken Sitting Areas


We all like to sit and have a chin wag with friends and family, so how about creating an area that is specifically dedicated to the art of chit chat and good times?

Were talking about taking your lounge area up a level by taking it down a level!
Fun & Info @ Keralites.net

Fun & Info @ Keralites.net
Check out these conversation pits & sunken sitting areas, they create a more intimate atmosphere in which to gossip over a coffee, or provide a little hideaway to flop down into for rest and relaxation.
Fun & Info @ Keralites.net
A conversation pit or sunken sitting area can be part of yourinterioror outside living spaces, with the den-like spots looking equally chic in a living room or recessed into a deck.
Fun & Info @ Keralites.net

Fun & Info @ Keralites.net
Admittedly these areas require a larger scale of room to gain full effect, a mini pit would be in terrible danger of appearing more like a sunken bathtub, but you could obtain a similar conversational atmosphere by arranging yourfurniturearound a central point in a room; instead of angling all seating towards a traditional fireside or television, place a freestanding or ceiling mounted fireplace, or coffee table, in the middle of the room so that everyone can gravitate around it.



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