Monday, 26 March 2012

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Where Oneness Is,

God said:
A suitcase that you pack for travel does not have to be jam-packed. Nor does the suitcase of your life have to be jam-packed. Nothing has to be crammed in. Allow your life to be easy-going. Allow your life to have extra space. Beloveds, you don't have to fit everything in. This is not meant to be your accomplishment - to see how much of this and how much of that you can crowd into a suitcase or into your life..
Your life, without exertion on your part, will be filled to the brim. Life is expansive. Life is just like that. Even if you are confined to bed, your life, as it is, can be filled to the brim, do you understand Me?
A spectacular book you read cannot have everything in it. There are gaps you fill in. In your life, imagination fills in the presumed gaps of your life.
If you are six feet tall, you are not five feet tall. You can't be a world-traveler and stay home - or can you? The heart and mind travel far.
You are not so tied to Earth and Earth experience as you may think.
It is not a new thought that you are also active in dimensions you have not yet fathomed.
Your conscious activities are not the sum total of your life anymore than your appearance is.
It is not a new thought that you inhabit Heaven. You may think that you are fixed, or that you are in a fix, and yet, even so, you are not bound to Earth. You are bound for Heaven. Heaven is the direction you move toward. This is real Heaven, a state of being where all is possible.
Contrary to popular opinion, you are capable of traversing the Universe and all held beliefs. Any belief that keeps you tied to the past is a held belief. Let your beliefs fly free. Believe more in yourself than all that you have previously held onto.
Beloveds, you have been masters of self-deception. You have too often closed the blinds on yourself. You went so far and no further because you expected that you were capable only so far and not further. And so you captured yourself in a net of confusion and barriers.
Life is not meant to be an accumulation. It is not meant to be a shelf filled with statuettes that proclaim your worth.
I have proclaimed your worth, and I never said that your life was about quantity. How much you have lived is not the benchmark of your life. How much you have grown is more like it. How much you have grown to love is more like it. Of course, there is no prescribed test to your life. You are your life. Your consciousness is your life. Your consciousness moves your life further and higher. There are really not milestones. There are high points, however, high points that go higher and higher and you soar with them.
There is the concept of the present adhered to the past. There is nothing but the present, beloveds, and the name of the present is Infinity. There are no boxes in Infinity. Nothing is stored in Infinity. Infinity is ever-present. It is not even marked in time. It is not marked in space. Infinity is not made of segments. If Infinity is marked in anything, it is marked in absence of time and space, and that is called the Present. Here is where We meet. Right here, right now, where clocks do not tick and there are no lines in space. Here is where We are, or We can say from another angle, here is where two of Us are not and Oneness is.

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