Monday, 26 March 2012

[] Three Options to fight stress


Stress is a state in which you do not accept a specific situation. The more you put in your mental energies in thinking about the circumstances, the more stressful you are and vice versa.

Based on first sentence of this article you have three options to choose from when you are in stress.

  1. Accept the situation: You are not controlling the world. You cannot make everyone follow your thinking or your instructions. Every human is more or less independent in his/her decisions and responsible for the outcomes. So accept the situation and adopt the habit of Forgive and Forget. Move on with your life and keep yourself busy to stay away from stress. Read my article on how to fight depression here.
  2. Fix the situation: If you can, fix it. However, please do consider the emotions of all stake holders. Do not fix the situation which is not a win-win. Do not fix it at the cost of someones feelings. Consider the solution which suits everyone.
  3. Partially Fix and partially compromise: Consider options which partially suit you and partially suit other parties. So that everyone can gain some thing at the cost of compromise. Again, be fair and devise the solution which can give benefit to all. Learn to bend, it is better than breaking. Article written by Junaid.Tahir

You can work out intelligently either to fix or reduce the stress. You may want to read my other article on How to respond in tragic moments by clicking here or read my article on How to be Strong in Hard Moments by clicking here

0029-mjunaidtahir-paradigmwisdom-27Mar12- Three Options to fight stress.

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