Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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VS boycotted the foundation stone laying ceremony of Rail Coach factory at Palghat to create news only.

During his rule he never tried to get the foundation stone laid and was trying to politicise the matter.

We can see many central government funds earmarked for kerala and its people were not utilised by VS government because it is central fund.

central fund or state fund, it is for the people of the state and any one who love people must accept it and use it for the people.

Jayaram Ramesh, central minister remarked that VS should long live for the State, which was a mockery against VS as the early he dies the better for the people.

I wish to state only to reject him next time where ever he contests so that the state's people will not suffer because of his politicising everything.

Let us reject him totally so that the old man will take rest and will not disturb the people of the State.

I am not supporting any political party or trying to advocate some party. whoever may be must serve the people instead of troubling them.

If any one have a different view, you can point out but VS is not good for Keralites

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