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Exercises for Herniated Disc Relief ts
When a soft central portion of the spine bulges out causes its area, that's called a herniated disc. With rest and reduced heavy and rash movements, most patients with herniated disc gets better within just a week but light exercises could lessen the symptoms and relieve you from pain.

Backwards Lean Exercise

If you're suffering from a herniated disc, backwards lean exercise is a kind of exercises you definitely have to do. 

1.       Start with your standing position and hands on the hips.
2.       Keep your back aligned and straight as you lean back slowly.
3.       Keep on going as long as it's comfortable and hold it for 5 seconds.
4.       Go back to your starting position steadily, do the process for 5 repetitions.
5.       Discontinue if it becomes extremely painful for you.


Downward Dog Exercise

If you do yoga, this stretch is familiar to you and you know that it's a good way to be relieved from pain.

1.       Start with lying on your stomach, arms bent with your hands just beside your shoulders.
2.       Then keep your legs aligned on the floor as you lift your upper body off the floor slowly.
3.       Lift until your arms are outstretched and your back is curved.
4.       Hold the position for 5 seconds, go back to the starting position and rest.

Do the whole process for 5 times

Back Elongating Exercise

This one lessens the pressure on the affected area to reduce the pain.

1.       Do the upright position with your arms resting on your sides.
2.       Stretch your arms in front of you as you bend forward.
3.       The stretch shouldn't feel more painful than your herniated disc, if it does stop doing the stretching.
4.       Maintain the focus on back muscles elongating as you hold it for 2 seconds.
5.       Go back to the starting position and repeat for 10 times.


If the symptoms persists, consult a specialists like chiropractor or therapists that can give you a better recommendation to relieve you from the pain of a herniated disc. 



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