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I am now 72. I have tried to live the scientific way of life and am none the worse for it. But the neo-modernists harp on the constant theme that everything was right in the past and nothing is right in the present. This has always been so. In fact there has never been a generation that did not glorify the past and condemn the present. This may be the guilt complex instilled into us from childhood when our good deeds are seldom praised whereas our wrong deeds are always shouted at. This leaves us with the feeling that we are guilty all the time. Maybe the idea of original sin in Christianity springs from this guilt complex.
There is not much that is wrong with the present compared to the terrible things that our ancestors had to face. However neo-modernists like you go on harping on the theme that everything is wrong at present and then prescribe medicines for problems of your own making.
Thus you find problems with our educational system which is far far better than what our ancestors had. Subsequently you offer ancient solutions which cannot work for modern problems. The room for improvement is the biggest room in the world and so there is room for improvement in every field including education. But the solutions can be found only in logical thinking. Lateral and intuitive thinking may contribute to logical thinking but can never replace it.
People like you reject logical thinking. But what is the alternative? When people say that you cannot ask for evidence for everything, it implies that everyone should accept without questioning what they say. Alas people have different opinions on everything and the only way to arrive at a consensus is by providing evidence. Without evidence there would be nothing but chaos.

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Abstaining from the Present


We have developed an education system that simply bludgeons us to leave the present. If you experience the present or live in the present, you cannot analyze at the same time. Our mind only does the analysis. We leave the rest of our body, with so many pores that breathe and experience, from the work of analysis and for analysis we stop the body from experiencing. Scientific analysis is always the analysis of what happened, in the past, and for that the present is always abandoned.. We have been condemning our children to stop experiencing and live only analyzing. The cost of this abandonment of experiencing and living in the present is, that we do not even realize that, we have abandoned the breathe based experiencing, which automatically adjusts and analyzes. We have been enslaving our own emotions, which in fact are part of the flow of automatic understanding. Science is creating the self induced slavery.

Now there are sages who strive to live only in the present by continuously experiencing or flowing in the universe along with the universe. They developed a language which automatically creates understanding and experiencing that understanding. This Spiritual Language (Spirit means air),based on breathing,smelling,sensing,perceiving, understanding and interacting in the Biosphere as the Biosphere, is totally different from the languages we use in our lives today. Every word or breathe of the Spiritual language creates experience automatically. But the flow of diverse emotions as continuous experience cannot be captured in the words of our day today language.

Today we reflexively avoid experiencing the living in the present and actually flee from the present. We want to first analyze before experiencing. But the Universe does not stop because you want to analyze. You change with the Universe, but you refuse to participate, with your own body the feeling of experiencing, embedding inhibition as control.

Today we cannot perceive and feel by smelling. There is no rope stronger than the mental inhibition that ties us from experiencing. Our very language takes us away from the present. It is built only for analyzing and not for experiencing. And we do not even tell the children,that there is also the method of smelling and sensing. We force them to mug and memorize, so that they ultimately live a life of analyzing the past only. We rob them of the present tense.



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