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9 Weird But Effective Home Remedies!

Some of the following remedies might seem strange to you, but if you check them out for yourself, you'll find that there is sound logic behind them!
9 home remedies
Vodka vs Stinky Feet

Wipe your feet with a rag drenched in vodka to kill off bad foot odor. Vodka contains high levels of alcohol, a disinfectant and a material that dries. The alcohol neutralizes the fungus that causes the smell and dries the moisture that allows germs to grow.

9 home remedies
Listerin vs Nail Fungus

Soak your feet, twice a day, for 15-20 minutes, in listerin (mouth wash) to get rid of nail fungus. Listerin contains strong disinfectant materials and is also good at healing buns. Drip a bit of listerin on some cotton and lightly smear it on the bun 2-3 times a day, to dry it out.

9 home remedies
Tomatoes vs Acne
Tomatoes have a lot of A and C vitamins, as well as antioxidants, that help take care of a variety of skin conditions. A tomato puree is a great remedy for oily skin. Mash a tomato, smear it on the face, and  let it sit for an hour. Then wash with luke-warm water and dry. Repeat this once a day for a week to get your skin nice and dry, without any zits popping up.

9 home remedies
Yogurt vs Bad Breath

Research shows that the active bacteria in yogurt can decrease the levels of Hydrogen sulfide in the mouth cavity, which causes the bad breath. In addition, foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges or forest berries, might create a hostile environment for these stinky germs.

9 home remediesSugar vs Hiccuping 

So many 'granny solutions' have been invented to combat this annoying phenomenon, but this one took us by surprise. By swallowing a spoonful of raw sugar, you can stop the hiccuping within the minute. Experts believe that the sudden sweetness on the nerve ends of the tongue, cause the hiccup spasm to stop. 

9 home remedies
Olive Oil vs Eczema

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which is considered a rich moisturizer. If you smear fine virgin olive oil on your skin after the shower, while the skin is still moist, you can help calm those painful pimples and wounds. 

9 home remediesMint chewing gum or Cinnamon vs Tiredness

Research shows that mint gum and / or cinnamon increase wakefulness and decrease tiredness by about 20%

9 home remedies

Olives and lemons vs sea Sickness

Sea sickness causes nausea that creates too much saliva. Eating olives or sucking on a lemon when the signs first appear, may completely neutralize them, thanks to the high level of tannin in them. 

9 home remedies
Stickytape vs Calluses

It may sound weird, but here's a solution with 85% history of success. If you have annoying calluses, stick a little piece of sticky tape on them. After a week, gently remove the sticky tape and clean the area well with a porous stone (pumice). Take another little piece of sticky tape and leave it for another week. Repeat as required until the callus is no more.

Biting a pencil vs Headaches

Most headaches come from stress. More often than you know, headaches are the result of teeth grinding, usually when the person isn't even aware he/she is doing it. To alleviate the pain, hold a pencil between your teeth. No need to bite it too hard, just hold it in your mouth and that will make the jaw muscles relax, until the pain will be relieved. 




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