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10 Absolutely Must-See Attractions In Rhodes!

The island of Rhodes, which is now part of Greece, has a history that stretches back millennia into the past. What's more is that it was once home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and has almost-unparalleled architectural heritage. Even if those things don't do much in the way of floating your boat, then the amazing vistas, beaches and food might just be for you. Here's what to see when visiting the island of Rhodes:


 10. Mandraki Harbor Fun & Info @

This harbor is one of three on Rhodes, and the only yacht harbor. It is often touted as one of the possible locations for one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Colossus of Rhodes. At the harbor's mouth, you can find the Fort of St. Nicholas, which was built by the Knights of St. John during the 15th Century. Another amazing attraction that the harbor boasts is three intact medieval windmills that were used to grind grain brought in by cargo ships. A pair of deer on columns now straddle its mouth, which could be closed off underwater using chains in the event of an attack.

9. Ancient Kamiros Fun & Info @ Situated on the Rhodes' northwestern coast, this ancient Doric city was one of three that made up the Greek city-state of Rhodes. Sadly, it was abandoned, with many of its residents moving permanently to the city of Rhodes over the centuries. Despite Kamiros being mentioned by the poet Homer in his famous literary works, the city wasn't rediscovered until 1929, when excavators happened upon some ancient graves. A temple to the ancient Greek goddess, Athena, is believed to have stood atop the city's acropolis, however this is thought to have been destroyed in the earthquake that shook the island in 226 BC. 

8. Anthony Quinn Bay

Fun & Info @

This bay was bought by Hollywood actor, Anthony Quinn, following him falling in love with the beauty of Rhodes while shooting a movie. Or at least he thought he did - apparently he was never able to get the title deeds to this isolated and exquisite beach, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Rhodes. Many people on yachts or boats come into the bay and drop anchor during the summer months.

7. Tsambika Monastery Fun & Info @ You're going to have to climb a little to get up here, but the view is well worth it once you get there. Topped by a small, Byzantine church dedicated to Our Lady, Tsambika monastery offers spectacular views up and down Rhodes' coast. Legend also has it that an infertile woman will be blessed with a child if she climbs up the hill to the monastery. Perhaps it's no coincidence that many local women answer to the name Maria...

6. Faliraki Beach

Fun & Info @

Clubbers, night owls and livelier-than-usual types gravitate to this beach, which marks the shore of what is the most popular seaside resort in Rhodes. Summer days are spent soaking up the sun, while nights are enjoyed under the bright neon lights of the bars and clubs that are just a street or two inland. If that won't do it for you, maybe some bungee-jumping or the rides at the largest water park in the whole of Europe might just tickle your fancy. 

5. Lindos Beach Fun & Info @ In addition to its ancient acropolis (more about that later), Lindos is hugely popular because of its amazing beaches. The settlement started off life as an ancient meeting point for the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians, and later became a major trading center. The main beach can get particularly busy during the summer, and that's because many British tourists spend their entire summers in Lindos. To be honest, it's not really hard to see why.

4. Monolithos Castle

Fun & Info @

This amazing feat of engineering sits atop a 330-foot-high hill with sheer drops on every side. Built by the Knights of St. John back in the 15th Century, Monolithos castle was never conquered by an invading army during its active history. In the present day, much of the castle lies in ruins, however there's still a working chapel on the site, and the enormous bastions remain intact. The climb up isn't as tough as you might think, but you should still be careful on your way up - the steps are very slippery.

3. Tsambika Beach Fun & Info @ Half a mile of golden sand, turquoise waters and views to die for - what more is there to life than this? Tsambika beach is actually owned by the Greek Orthodox church, and is overlooked by the aforementioned Tsambika monastery. If you have a family, this beach is a great one to bring your kids to due to the shallow water and ample opportunities to participate in water sports.

2. The Acropolis of Lindos

Fun & Info @

When we hear the word "acropolis", we immediately think of Athens and the Parthenon, but there are many acropolises that existed throughout the Ancient Greek world, and this one is no exception. It dates back to the 6th Century BC, and is beautifully preserved. There's a temple to the goddess Athena, a series of 20 Hellenistic stoa (columns) and jaw-dropping views of surrounding islands and out to sea. Be warned that there's no shade at the top, so be sure to take a hat and sunglasses!

1. Medieval Rhodes Fun & Info @ The city of Rhodes' history dates back to many hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, and its many conquerors have left their marks throughout this ancient settlement. The most pronounced influence is that of the Knights of St. John, who fled the city in 1522 following a successful attempt at an invasion by the Ottomans (the first one, in 1480, had failed). Pictured is the Palace of the Grand Master of the Order. It is widely considered to be one of the greatest monuments constructed anywhere in the world during the Middle Ages.


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