Wednesday, 19 April 2017

[] Spirited -Vs-Dis-spirited People!


Spirited People-Vs-Dis-spirited People

Spirit means air. We breathe life from air. Spirited people are those who breathe sufficient clean air. They are full of spirit and they can act in any situation and they face problems and do not escape into some secularist or pluralist Philosophy. When the air of a country is polluted, there will be severe shortage of breathable air and as a result there will be ultimately terrible cowards, clever escape artists, shivering and semi shitting in their clothes, who always desperately try to clutch hope via talk. The number of people suffering from the diabetes, high BP, heart and kidney problems grow geometrically whether there is that stupid economic growth or not.

On the other hand, where there is clean air and as a result a climate which is the natural creation of mother Gaia, there the flora, fauna and the people bloom, dance and sing. Hopeful and purposeful and extremely optimistic and confident spirit or air pervades the area. The eyes of the people there sparkle with spontaneous smile, those people very naturally and spontaneously give every help and they never avoid. Technology dependent diabetics may use the latest Bombs, bomb them with drones etc.But as long as the air is clean they cannot be defeated.

Where the people ultimately lose their capacity to breathe, because they are accustomed to suspect the air they breathe, live a life of surrender. One finds VVIPs, who deny them by all sorts of reservations, communities that have contempt for the general population being given exclusive privileges, in education, jobs etc---,the majority people get taken for granted as disposable swipe papers. The majority get doles and promises for more doles, but the opportunity for employments gets reserved away.



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