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[] Outlook Transformations!


Outlook Transformations!

From the Spiritual Outlook to Scientific Outlook to Mechanical Outlook to Economic Outlook to Contractual Outlook to Fraudulent Outlook to Indifferent Outlook...,these headings may be given to trace the gradual changes in the human outlook.

When nature was blooming, when the lush flora and fauna were singing and dancing, when the resulting rapture was subsuming and absorbing, it was air (another name for spirit) that moulded the human outlook as a part of the entire biospheric and ecological outlook. Air or Spirit with its music of winds, breezes and tunes, smells and sounds, guided the human lives. It was God that was directing, ordering, communicating, rewarding...through the air. People inhaled and exhaled God, and Pranayama or breathe control was learning from God. The result was yoga, the Holistic Breathe based Science. These people of Bharat never invaded or destroyed other civilizations, because they accepted that the particular air and climate of an area was under the direction of God and that they shall not be disturbed.

How this spiritual outlook was gradually and coercively changed into the mechanical outlook is a very long History. So I skip a lot of the factors that brought out the change.

Now we just go to Rene Descartes, who contended that everything is only a machine and only mechanical and as machines they just cannot feel pain. Only human beings felt pain because God entered them only--- through the pineal gland in the brain. To prove that everything is a machine only, he nailed big animals like bulls to wooden logs, cut them open to show their mechanical structures. His Biology was Mechanics without feelings, a gigantic repudiation of nature. The indifference, to feelings, sentiments and emotions became the most valued qualification for the scientific outlook or mechanical outlook glorified as the unbiased outlook. In one word, the basis of life-Spirit and the emotional manifestations of the spirit became the big disqualifications in the development of the scientific outlook. The route selected was quantification, mathematical reductionism and arriving at the mechanical and non emotional interactions. The speciality of mathematics is, it simply cannot quantify any emotion into mathematical quantities. Can you write the simple sentence 'I love you', in numerals only without using words at all?

This mathematical reductionism entered Humanities, the ultimate paradox; because every human being is a cauldron of emotions and continuous emotional changes characterize life. But Newtonian Physics was extended to all social sciences where the subject matter is human being.

In economics, they assumed away the phantom-the economic man, a non emotional programmed robot, so that all sorts of non human geometric curves, lines, graphs, mathematical equations etc can be created. After a protest in the definition chapter of economics, that it deals with human beings, from the next chapter on the human being is completely jettisoned and one deals only with indifference curves, cost curves, revenue curves, demand curves, supply curves, income multiplier, employment God, the human being is buried without trace.

The biggest myth or the ultimate stupidity propagated by economics is that, it is not nature, not the blooming nature that gives livelihoods, but only the continuously murdered nature that gives livelihoods!

You convert a large amount of nature into raw materials or hunt the remaining nature for future possibility as raw material. In both the cases nature of course will be destroyed or diseased. And livelihoods and employments exist in the murder of nature!, to believe the economists, who are experts in verbiage and just cannot predict at all about the future of any economy as the assumption, 'other things being equal', simply does not work. There is only one aspect in which economics succeeded—it made all people extremely greedy and ready to destroy Goddess Bhoodevi completely. Mother earth has been given divorce via economics by all her children. The so called scientific outlook itself has become a euphemism for the basically profit hungry and destructive and greedy outlook. All human relations changed mainly into economic relations and now are slowly changing, into contractual and mechanical relations. Families are on the way out. Every one to oneself. Single parent families, gay families, Lesbian families, rented wombs, Homes to functions as parents as the parents are very busy, the old age homes...,the list is big. Add test tube babies, clones too to the new social concoction.

The net result is the loss of trust. Dettol to fight nature, the hire and fire jobs and job reduction and jobless growth as the economic development and economic growth, income tax on fake incomes called interest on bank deposits always less than the inflation leaving no real income but loss, branding those that take to savings despite the loss of income and real capital value as tax evaders for the fake income...,my God, we are now in the black money economy, where the general outlook has to be the fraudulent outlook.

We are all under the tyranny of the presstitutes.


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