Sunday, 2 April 2017

[] Emotion as Communication!


Emotion as Communication!

What I am writing here is completely arm chair speculation only.

Breathe, Smell, Air, Wind, Breeze, Cyclones, Storms etc all are related--- related to the air. So they are related to the troposphere, the lower layer of the atmosphere.

Once the human organism actually perceived, distinguished, classified, interacted and lived, on the basis of smell only. Then it did not have the brain. It actually had the capacity to distinguish among more than a thousand smells. On the basis of the smell, it immediately reacted. Other organisms too must have reacted on the basis of smell. They did not suffer from the 3D misrepresentation or blindness. Smells must have been meeting smells and all organisms must have been conversing through the smells. The entire biosphere must have been consisting of organisms that communicated with smells. Each organism must have actually felt the mores of the ecosphere. The biosphere must have been one single living entity.

Actually the situation then was must not have been very different from the present situation, because within each of us and on us, there are simply trillions and trillions of bacteria living, and our own internal hormonal communication must have been used by the various organisms to communicate among them now. Each bacterium also has its own internal hormonal system. But they have to communicate on the basis of smell only and not on the basis of the Cartesian analysis.

So air, breathe, emotions, are related within and without. The bacteria within and the biosphere outside, must have been smell related, and emotionally entangled. The forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, the entire flora and fauna, must have been conversing and communicating through the emotion laden smells. The winds were thoughts, and the winds also communicated the thoughts. The thoughts then were smell related and so very emotional---the emotion laden winds.

The emotions so communicated continuously, must have been causing many butterfly effects. May be the emotions caused the cyclones.

Is the deviation from the macro existence caused by the neo cortex part of the general entropy about which the students are drilled in the physics class? The visual cortex misrepresents the reality by always modelling only the 3D shapes and blinding us to more than 99% of the reality. It has effectively removed our capacity to sense by smell, in fact, smell, sense and interact.

This entire ocean of emotions is called bias under the Cartesian analysis. So we developed various sciences that deal with the emotionless dead things only. To study an animal, it has to be killed, its entails opened to study the mechanical structure which is supposed to be the scientifically proved truth. And the joke of all jokes, the subject is put under the heading 'Life Sciences'!

Now we have the profit hungry monsters, cutting away the forests, destroying the rivers and every water body, poisoning the air and dumping into the ground thousands of toxic wastes. Because of the 3D blindness we are not seeing the terrible emotional upheaval, this 'Final Solution', of the biosphere must have been causing to the Goddess Gaia---Bhoodevi.

James Lovelock and Lyn Margulis and many other life scientists contend that our Earth is a living organism. But Richard Dawkins, the Godless Scientist does not agree.


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