Wednesday, 1 March 2017

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Don't Give Sorrow, Don't Take Sorrow!

Don't give sorrow, don't take sorrow! The qualities that stop me giving sorrow are mercy, love and honesty. If someone has these, they will never even think of giving sorrow. I need to be merciful not to give sorrow and I need to be strong in order not to take sorrow. In fact, the moment you stop taking sorrow, you days of happiness have begun. These are your eyes, ears and lips – it is up to you whether to take sorrow or not.

The Search For Happiness And A Beautiful Relationship

Throughout history, human beings have desired and searched for two things, happiness and a perfect loveful and beautiful relationship.   It is interesting to realize that you cannot search for what, you have not already had or known. In other words, we search for these two things because inside us we have a deep subconscious memory of the original, perfect and eternal relationship with our Friend, Guide and Parent, the One remembered as God, Allah, Ishwar, etc.   It is only when we restore our relationship with this Being is that we can experience true happiness or bliss.   Bliss is the highest form of spiritual happiness we can experience.  It is experienced only when we are free of all attachment, when we no longer identify wrongly with anything physical and when our inner mental state is not dependent on anything or anyone.

At its highest level and in its purest state, our relationship with God is non-dependent and unconditional, and therefore blissful.   Deep within the soul, there is a memory of the bliss of this perfect union and it is this memory that inspires us to search for the perfect relationship, for the perfect happiness.   However, instead of seeking it at the spiritual level, we seek at the level of personality and body.   We search in those around us for the perfect partner - our soul mate. It is not incorrect to have worldly relationships, but there needs to be a deep realization inside each one of us that our true soul mate, is the One with whom we can have an ever-lasting, eternal relationship, the One with whom we have the deepest eternal bond (over a period of many births), the One from whom we will experience everlasting, eternal, unconditional attainments.

What happens when your anger button gets pushed?

Do you get all heated up? Do you let your emotions erupt on someone else?

As anger increases, perspective reasoning decreases; rather than adding fuel to the fire, often the best thing we can do is give ourselves a moment to recuperate, even if it's just briefly. Take a deep breath, then several more deep breaths. Come back to calm, consider how you want to respond.

When you have a moment, reflect on how you want to handle things, the next time your anger buttons get pushed.

Message for the day

Every change is a means to take one forward for those who are positive.

Thought to Ponder: For the one who is positive, change brings progress. Otherwise, most changes are seen as threats to our well-being. So, for everything that happens in my life, I need to see what positive outcome is inherent in it. This will help me be open to change in the right way.

Point to Practice: Today I will make a list of major changes in my life in the past 15 years or so. I will see what I have learnt from it. This will help me appreciate the fact that there is some beautiful outcome for everything that has happened. 




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