Friday, 31 March 2017

[] The Flow of Miracles!


The Flow of Miracles!

Emotional intelligence is Holistic Intelligence. It is based on feelings and emotions. The seat of emotions is Amygdala. When the human organism had no brain, before the brain and the analytical cortex evolved, it was smell and breathing that were the methods of perception. Smell and controlled breathing and feeling were the methods of communication, interaction and survival as well as enjoyment. The entire nature was smelt, breathed in and out and there was no 3D jaundice. What we call nature's miracles today were then normal phenomena—day today phenomena.

From there the concept of God developed when the organism developed the Cortex. God was the first rational perception now debunked on the basis of the 3D logic. God's bounties were mainly smelt, felt and enjoyed. Nature was not imprisoned in the 3D concept of length, breadth and height.

The two blindfolds which we call the eyes did not send the photons or 00.0037% of the total spectrum to the mind and the mind did not then develop the misinformation of modelling only in the 3D shapes, actually concealing most of the reality. If you can see everything—atoms, energies etc, then you can neither see nor conceptualize yourself. When smell and breathe dominated perception, one's self definition or identification must have been nature itself and not one's own body. Selfishness and egoism could not have been felt, as then there was no imagination. Today we all suffer from the extremely suffocating and narrow 3D self definition and we call it individuality.

I often wonder how we can conceptualize holistically the Space-time continuum. If nature has not been destroyed and is giving continuously wonderful feelings and when one is subsumed in nature, then communication and perception and feeling and understanding, must be in the realm of emotions only and the space-time continuum must be an emotional concept—THE GOD-- felt only and simply not logiced.


There was no need to practice faith and belief. They were part of nature taken as casually as breathing.

Now when feelings were extensions of the air, when the winds blew, what then was Geography as felt---, then as it was not reasoned, logiced, formulaed, mathematically reduced and then theorized.

Emotional intelligence can be developed by Pranayama, yoga and a basic devotion to nature. But when the forests, rivers, air, the flora and fauna are destroyed in the name of development, all faith and Theism automatically gets destroyed. God has to e felt in blooming nature and not in destroyed nature.


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