Friday, 31 March 2017

[] The Devastation of Music!


The Devastation of Music!

Nature has been creating millions and millions of symphonies, the tunes continuously changing as nature are continuously changing. From every small piece of grass to a very big tree in a forest, teaming up with the rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, plains, valleys, nature composes billions of ever changing and ever enchanting music.

Music sublimates the thoughts, changes the thoughts into wonderful tunes, creates the musical hormonal internal communication within, every cell sings. The cells tune with the forests, the rivers, the lakes, the waterfalls...converting the winds into the sounds of love. There is a gigantic musical ecology, which echoes love and poetry. Music makes one the real macro person, with a macro body. The Macro Body feels and tunes God, God is certainly not the mathematical and mechanical e=mc2.The e of nature is love=Life multiplied by cinfinity.And the c is wonderful, pleasant, blissful and not a scalding gamma ray. This c makes every cell in your body compose a million tunes of sublime feelings; you use the winds to change them into the sounds of music.



When you enter the lush and thick evergreen forests of the equator—the Amazon, the Congo and the Malaysian sublimations, you automatically make the music a part of your anatomy. After all every cell now in your body leaves by the next year and new cells take their place. At the most fundamental reality, your body is a musical entity.

When you move north or south from the equator, your cells tune up with tropical and monsoon down pours, with the gushing rivers in spate, jumping from mountain after mountain as great waterfalls, the water going into mother earth creating rich soil teaming with the silt, the soil life forms creating gigantic forests that join you in your songs. Your cells get new and fresh doses of life.



And go further north; you meet the mighty Himalayas and their wonderful creation-the Ganga-Sindhu plain. The music simply subsumes you into the geography. The formula of Physics, Mathematics, and the editor's mechanization of your sublime expressions---all look and sound obscene. The seeds of mechanization poison the rivers of music.
North and north, you feel the music of Tibet, China, Mangolia, Siberia, Scandinavia, the steppes, the Taiga, the Tundra, the auroras from the Sun---the Universe is verse. A Sankaracharya became Sankaracharya, because he walked the entire length and breadth of India, subsuming the music and expressing into absorbing thoughts, his language of music and sublimation--- simply tuned understanding everywhere, no language barrier.



Now we find the bulldozers everywhere, plucking away and burning the music from every cell of your body---the economic development, the industrial development, the mechanization of the minds called technical education...


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