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[] : 13-02-2017 TODAY’S MESSAGE FROM TRICHY PRASANNAN Mahaperiyava on Vilva Leaves [3 Attachments]


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Maha Periyava,
Purandara Kesavulu and Vilva leaves.
This incident took place en route Srisailam when Mahaperiyava was touring with His retinue. A royal welcome had been accepted in Kurnool, and a speech also delivered. When the yatra was continuing further, they encountered a small village. Suddenly it started to rain. When someone asked him to step on a coach, He refused saying that it was unthinkable to do so when all others were getting drenched. Slowly the rain turned torrential, stifling further movement. An old Shiva temple was spotted and Periyava decided to stay there. News that He was there, spread like wildfire and people came with Punakumbham. After blessing everyone, the journey was resumed. In a village about 8 miles from there, the zamindar and the people of the village crowded round Him and requested Him to stay in their midst. Accepting that, Periyava announced that He would stay there for 21 days. A place to stay was arranged. The camp was set up quickly.
The following morning, Periyava had gone for His bath. The officials in the Math were getting worried. There were no vilva leaves for the puja. Showing a three leafed vilva, they asked the people of the village to bring a basket. But it was nowhere to be found. It was 10.30. Looking at the articles for puja, He enquired if vilva leaves were not there for the puja. The Math official haltingly said, "the zamindar has sent his men to look for it. It should be here soon." Silently Periyava went to the cowshed in the backyard of the place, found a stone slab and sat in meditation. An hour rolled by. While the officials were wondering if the Chandramouleeswara puja or Bhiksha was even going to happen that day, and how they were going to spend 20 more days in this place, Periyava opened His eyes with a smile. An errand boy of the Math ran in with a basket full of lush green vilva leaves. Periyava was happy. "You said it was not available, but here it is! Who is it who has plucked the leaves with such Shraddha, without the least damage, untarnished and fresh? Now that the vilva leaves are here, let us begin the puja". Saying thus, He started the puja. It was completed and prasadam was also given. "Call the person who brought this, let them also take prasadam", said Periyava. Trembling, the Srikaryam of the Math said, "we do not know who brought it. It was near a slab in a mantapam. We do not know who left it there." Periyava laughingly said, "perhaps Chandramouleeswara Himself brought it for His own puja!" The whole day went off well in puja, music, and speeches. While the whole village was rejoicing, the Srikaryam of the math alone was in a petrified state. His sole thought was - what do I do tomorrow?!!
The following morning he summoned the same errand boy who had brought the leaves and said, "oh saviour, go back to the same place and see if you find the vilva leaves in the same corner today too.. please". And there it was! A basket full of fresh vilva leaves. Getting ready for the puja, Mahaperiyava surveyed the articles and His gaze fell on the vilva leaves. He cast a meaningful glance at the Srikaryam who said, "yes Periyava. This is a basket that was stealthily left by someone today too".
Mahaperiyava told him, "find out who brings it and keeps it there. Inspect that place from dawn tomorrow. Bring the person to me right away." In deference to His command, the Srikaryam went and stood waiting to catch the person who brought the vilva leaves. At around 8.30, a Telugu boy with a tangled tuft, a dirty dhothi with mula kaccham (typical Andhra way of wearing a dhothi) came in. As he left the basket and was getting ready to slip out unnoticed, the Srikaryam came and stood in his way. The boy fell at his feet. In his half baked Telugu, the Srikaryam said, " Have a bath. Comb your hair and tie it into a proper knot, wear washed clothes and some vibhuti on your forehead and come this evening. I will take you to meet Swamigal". The boy nodded and slipped away. At 3 in the afternoon, hair dripping oil, tied into a neat knot, bright dhothi and forehead smeared with vibhuti, the boy appeared. Periyava's eyes which were searching for something, blossomed when they spotted the boy. Prostrating himself, the boy went and stood in a corner. Periyava beckoned to him and asked, "who are you my boy, and what is your name?" The boy replied, "Purandara Kesavulu, aiyya". "How do you speak Tamil?" "My father taught me to speak the language. My mother died when I was two. We are from Usilampatti near Madurai. My father brought me here when I was 6 to eke out a livelihood. We herd cows in the Zamin. Never been to school. My father would give his life up for music. He used to sing songs of Thyagaraja Swami, Purandaradasa and so on. He taught them to me as well. He is no more. Died two years ago. Now I herd cows. I am twelve."
"Alright! I am told that there are no vilva leaves around. Where did you find them?"
   "While taking the cows out to graze, at the foot of a mountain, some distance from here, my father once told me - hey Purandara, do you see those three leaved trees? Those are vilva leaves. They are very auspicious for lord Shiva. Three days ago, people were frantically looking for these leaves. Afraid that they would not take the leaves if they knew that a lowly cowherd was bringing them, I left them and vanished, taking care not to be seen. I swear on God, this is the truth. Please forgive me."
Looking him square in the eye, Mahaperiyava asked, " Purandarakesavulu, if there is anything you need or desire, tell me. I will get the Math people to do it for you". Tears streaming down his eyes, he replied, "Siva Siva .... no no .... my father has told me that I should have no desires. There are only two wishes I have. One, I will disclose now, and the other, when Saami is leaving this town." Hearing this, with great tenderness, Mahaperiyava asked him what his first wish was. "Saami, my father has taught me songs of Purandara dasa and Thyagaraja. I wish to sing them before you and want Saami to hear them."
Mahaperiyava was besides Himself with joy. "So be it. You sing and I will hear it. Chandramouleeswara's grace is always with you. You will always be blessed." Saying thus, He gave him prasadam and also removed a thulasi mala from His own neck and gave it to him. Until Periyava's stay in town, He got both the vilva leaves and the songs. The boy had a mellifluous voice, and his occasional mispronunciation was corrected by Periyava who enjoyed the music.
21 days later, Periyava was leaving the village. The people of the village were feeling desolate and abandoned. Giving prasadams, Periyava's eyes searched something. In a corner, hugging a pole, tears unabashedly rolling down his cheeks, stood Purandara. Beckoning to him with a gesture of His hands, He asked, "Purandara, you said you would tell me your second wish on the day of my leaving. What is it that you wish?"
"Saami, we have had several conversations while tending to the cows. My father used to say - look here Purandara, we should only ask one wish of God. When we die, we should get Moksham. That is the only thing to ask - he used to say. Saami, please bless me that I should get moksham."
Mahaperiyava was aghast! Then the Para Brahmam blessed him. "Purandara, in due time, I will pray to Chandramouleeswara to grant you moksham. You go happily!" Then, summoning the zamindar, He instructed that everything relating to Purandarakeshava was to be informed to the Math.
Many years rolled past. One afternoon at about 2, Periyava got up suddenly, and walked to the tank in the Kamakshi temple, took a dip and sat in meditation. At the stroke of every hour, a dip, and then meditation again. This went on until six in the evening. Finally, in the evening, Periyava came out of the tank. It was about seven then. An official of the Math came hastily and stood in front of Him. In reply to the question which He asked with His eyes, the person replied, "a telegram from Kurnool saying - Purandarakeshavulu serious. We do not know who has sent this".
This is what Periyava told the Srikaryam - "Purandara keshavan is no more. He succumbed to a fever, and has gone on to his next life. He has six more births to go through. I prayed to Chandramouleeswara that after those six births, he has to attain liberation. To that end, I did adequate japam and prayers for all six births. I have done My duty towards that pure soul".
Posted by Sri.Nagaraj: his note as under:
This is an incident that took place in the life of Mahaperiyava, the sage of Kanchi. This is a translation (not verbatim though) of an article written by someone and abridged by someone else.
Punctuality is not just about being on time. It's basically about respecting our own commitments..
Change your thoughts, transform your life..!!!
You will be amazed at what will happen when you let go of the past....
Good morning and have a great day ahead!

N Jambunathan

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