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[] 12-02-2017 TODAY’S MESSAGE FROM TRICHY PRASANNAN MANU SMRITI - 18 Eternal laws for husband and wife that must not be broken! [3 Attachments]


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- 18 Eternal laws for husband and wife that must not be broken!  
These are Eternal Laws of MANU SMRITI. But it is left to your own understanding / perceptions / beliefs / culture
to accept / reject / either fully or partially as per today's relevance.
- SIVA                                                   

1. Laws of marriage as per Manusmriti.

Laws of marriage as per Manusmriti
In Hinduism, it is believed that the earliest generations of mortals were brought to an end by Lord Vishnu's Matsya Avatar, sparing only Manu and his wife. It is said that the early humans, had no knowledge of religion, humanity and Dharma & Karma, which led to massive self-destruction of humanity. (Photo courtesy- Arjun Kamath Photography)

2. Matsya Avatara

Matsya Avatara
This is when Lord Vishnu appeared in Matsya avatar and warned Manu (human son of Lord Brahma) of the impending flood that would destroy everything, in order to restore everything. He asked him to prepare an ark and safeguard male and female pair of every living organism, and enough food resources for their survival.

3. Manusmriti- Laws of Manu

Manusmriti- Laws of Manu
He later instructed him to meanwhile, compile knowledge of Dharma and Karma, including rituals, laws and responsibilities for every human, set to be born thereof. This knowledge authored by Manu, was widely known as Manusmriti. However, there has been no evidence supporting this theory.

4. Translation of Vedic texts

Translation of Vedic texts
This Sanskrit Vedic text has been of late, interpreted and translated into language, understood by masses. Of many chapters mentioned in Manusmriti, is one where he enlisted some eternal laws for husband and wife, whether they be united or separated.

5. #1.

Day and night, it's the duty of a husband to protect his woman and respect her individuality, whereas wife is responsible for security of peace and happiness of home.

6. #2.

Husband and wife must respect the eternal bond of matrimony; and, must never take the internal matters outside of their home. Husband and wife, must also ensure respecting the dignity of each other's families.

7. #3.

A wife should be particularly guarded against evil leanings, no matter how trivial they appear to be. Sorrow of a woman is doomed upon the family members.

8. #4.

Regardless, of religion, cast, creed and skin color, a man must protect his wife from external difficulties and a wife must ensure peaceful ongoing of their eternal bond.

9. #5.

A husband who cautiously safeguards his spouse ensures the purity of his progeny, righteous demeanour of himself, his family. Husband and wife, must ensure the procreation of their progeny.

10. #6.

A wife must take care of her family and her husband, and if gives birth to a son, let him be loved and taken care of his wife. She must perform her duties and guide her daughter-in-law towards the path; in no way must she disturb the pattern. Remember your husband is also a son to a woman.

11. #7.

A husband under no circumstances or intention should forcefully bind his wife in matrimony nor should he protect her without her wishes; and a wife must not seek love and compassion, forcefully.

12. #8.

A woman is an avatar of Goddess Laxmi, Parvati, Durga, Annapurna and Saraswati, therefore, husband shall let his wife be employed for safeguarding and disbursements of wealth, cooking nutritious food for their health and looking after utensils, no decision for the household and family members must be taken without her permission.

13. #9.

A wife, who's freedom is compromised by the narrow-mindedness or shrewdness of her husband and family members, shall be rightful in leaving her relations behind and begin the journey of finding herself.

14. #10.

Husband and wife, together must keep the happiness and prosperity of these people in strict order- themselves, their children, their parents, their family and neighbours.

15. #11.

A husband must not ignore the intuitions or warnings of his wife about a man, other then him; even if the particular individual is his own brother and father, a friend or neighbour.

16. #12.

A wife must instill her trust on her husband and shall not become a conspirator against her own family; it will lead to her own sorrows. If she finds her husband straying from the path of marriage, she must immediately safeguard her marriage; the same goes for a husband.

17. #13.

A husband under no circumstances shall betray the trust, respect and honor of his wife, for another woman; for it will bring shame to himself, his family and wrath of God in afterlife.

18. #14.

A wife should never bring a thought of another man other than her husband. Neither must she compromise her family's peace and happiness.

19. #15.

A husband should not be in the company of wicked people, remain constantly in inebriated state, involved in gambling, travel for longer period than usual and interfere in relations of other husband and wife. This shall bring shame and disrespect to his family and peace shall never be his friend.

20. #16.

A wife must not be easily influenced against her own family, she must not consume spirituous liquor, connect with wicked people, and not separate from her husband under the influence of misunderstanding.

21. #17.

A husband and wife must together keep intact the passion in their relationship and must not stray into other people. Husband must ensure in fulfilling her wife's desire and a wife must reciprocate her husband's love.

22. 18.

A husband and wife, regardless of their wealth and richness, status and age, if are destitute of knowledge and respect of Vedic texts and rituals, are held impure souls. In the absence of either (husband or wife) no puja or yagna for the sanctity of their house, is ever considered complete.
                                                             Best regards,  
                                              Padmagirisan & SIVA

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