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Even septic-tank water will turn as holly as Ganga water if you add Chlorine to it. Anyway if it is as good as you boast it is, then why spend millions in clearing it up. 

In 1972 while in college the National Service Scheme arranged for 4 of us to stay with some Sarvodaya families in a village called Akkapur near Symbaoli in Meerut district. I spent about a month with the Brahmin family of one Bagavanth Singji Sindhu. They boast they came from the Sindhu region and so the Sindhu tag to their name. They knew only Hindi and I knew next to nothing about Hindi. So I was forced to keep my lips sealed for the month. Once I could not find my soap. I asked them for soap. But they did not understand the English word 'soap.' I gesticulated and mimed and ultimately someone caught on and said the word 'sabun' Now that is one Hindi word I shall never forget to the end of my days which is not far off.

One day they took me to Rishikesh. It was at the tail-end of rainy season with river all muddy from the strong currents. There were huge gangs of monkeys all along the banks of the river fighting and snarling at each other. All their shit and all kinds of refuse were being washed into the river. I did not wish to get into the muddy, shitty river. But at the kind prodding of my hosts I went in to the river reluctantly. Then my hosts began drinking the muddy water and asked me too to drink of it. I refused.

Anyway it was a memorable event in my life and I must say they made the best of hosts. I found my way there again the year before last. There is very little change there with flies settling over everything including cow-dung and food. I had gone there after a visit to Manali and had taken a pashmina shawl for the lady of the house who had been very young and beautiful at the time of first visit but has grown old with sagging - you know what. They had completely forgotten me and try as I might they could not recall me. Then I mentioned the names of the joint family I lived with in 1972. Still she was not convinced. The Pashmina seemed to help. They invited me to lunch and I had lunch with them and the omnipresent flies swarming all over. They invited me to return with my wife. I would like to go there again. But when I think of the flies and the open sewers and the cowdung I simply dont have the heart for it. But maybe I will work up some courage and return for a few nights of the ultimate hospitality.

One of my friends Muralidhar was staying with another farmer. This farmer had two wives - one young and one not so young. A sanyasin was also staying with the farmer and he was given the best room in the house with the younger and the better looking of the wives thrown in to keep him warm. I wished I were that Sanyasin who did not have to work for a living but had the best of what his world had to offer from the fruits of another man's labour.

Che Sara sara. Sambavami yuge yuge

On 25 September 2016 at 07:12, Kuppusamy [aryayouthgroup] <> wrote:

Like many other Hindu Beliefs, Ganga Water has been proved to be HOLY !! 

Pl follow the link.....

It's scientifically validated now; Ganga water is 'holy'!


It's scientifically validated now; Ganga water is 'holy'!

New Delhi [India], Sept.24 (ANI): Indian scientists have validated the scientific basis of the mysterious 's...


Xavier William
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