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Respected sir, 
Please help me as I am not able to understand the way doctor's advice.
Being a diabetic family doctor advised me to have metformin one tablet (fasting 120 and pp 200)during lunch half an hour before.
After two months I went with my lab result fasting 110 and pp 170)to the doctor andwasinformed that the doctor has gone on vacation to u s a and was. Directed to another doctor.
I saw the new doctor and he advised me to have the one tablet after food .
Your suggestions as to which is the best was to have this tablet whether to have half an hour before or after food,  I am72, hale and healthy, weighing 60 kg and doing regular morning walk and have lunch rice and evening tiffin like dosa or chap pathis .
I do have twice coffee with sugar and of course taking fruits of all types plus limited sweets and not regular.
I have sugar testing gadgets and sometimes my pp goes down to 90/100 that too during evening time
Thanking you in anticipation for the guide lines.
Few of my friends thought that I may not be diabetic but age may be the reason of glands secretion may be slow and suggested not to have tablet but do regular exercise. I did for a week without tablet but regular exercise instead of half an hour did morning one hour and evening half an hour and my fasting 100 and my pp 160.
 Shall I continue metformin tab., or to have once in three days as I have confidence on yourself.
K S Srinivasan.

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��1. Live in your own place to enjoy independence and privacy.

��2. Hold on to your bank deposits and assets with yourself.
��3. Don't depend only on your children's promise to care for you when you grow old as their prioroties change with time.
��4. Expand your circle of friends to include those who will outlive you. 
��5. Do not compare and expect nothing from others.
��6. Do not meddle in the life of your children. Let them live THEIR life, not yours.
��7. Do not use old age as your shield and justification to demand care, respect, and attention.
��8. Listen to what others say but think and act independently.
��9. Pray, but do not beg, even from God. If at all, ask for his forgiveness.
��10. TAKE GOOD CARE OF OWN HEALTH. Apart from Medical Attention, eat Best Food in the Best Way (you can afford) and Try to Do your own Work ...
And finally,
Best Wishes
~ M.D.Hegde
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