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 Dear Mr.Mukundan,
Homeopathy may be good or bad, but nobody can use abusive words in public groups.
It shows the caliber of Mr.Xavier .Perhaps he is not aware that Homeopathy is from Germany and not India.Ayurveda is from India.My counterparts are Professors and eminent Homeopathy doctors and also from Allopathy and  very few from Ayurveda.
Concept of Homeopathy is entirely different, and for every disease, there can be 5 to 10 medicines.Homeopathy cures the patient and not the disease.Hence if the Homeopath, prepares a case sheet and  after spending time for atleast 15 to 20 minutes to note down all the symptoms[ physical and psychological] cravings, likings, aggravations, family history, physical appearance etc.The homeopath has to to decide , out of 5 to 10 medicines, which is the proper medicine.In Allopathy, there is no such confusion and for every disease, there is a proper medicine and dosage.No doubt that Homeopathy is good in some cases, if proper medicine in the required potency is given.Self medication is always risky.Even some of the Allopathy medicines and self medication is risky.In my home remedy group in facebook, I have commented /advised to the group  members that all the ' pathy' are  good provided they are taken correctly.
Side effects are very less in Homeopathy, since the medcines are very diluted.I think Mr.Xavier has no medical back ground and he he is not knowing from where Homeopathy came into India.Let him post his cheap comments in the public sites, rather than insulting  dignified persons in this group.

Dr. Jatin Soni
 M. D. Hegde
Think Good Do Good

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Mukundan Menon,
I do not know whom you are calling an idiot - me or Hegde. Either way you are the idiot in using abuses to win an argument. If you think Hegde is wrong you can present your case in rational terms. If you think I am wrong you have to explain why with evidence. If you want to call others idiots then better use the term for your wife or others. Here we are discussing things and not calling names

On 30 January 2016 at 16:33, P M Menon [Keralites] <> wrote:
Who is this idiot started this nonsense? He is trying to do a great disservice to the  Indian society. We must ignore it.

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Dear Friends, Homeopathic medicines are given based on mental and physical symptoms. For a particular symptom, there are are more than 5 to 10 medicines. Hence sometimes, the prescription may go wrong. Or excess or prolonged usage can give adverse effects and aggravation of symptoms. Hence please avoid self medication. Homeopathy is not a safe medicine
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M. D. Hegde

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