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In a fair game there should not be fouls and so also in a civilized discussion there should not be personal abuses. I do not see why we should be abusive to be competitive

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In a competitive world people keep commenting about others.. it is quite common. Dont get enraged friends.  Just ignore.  These are forward mails.  Read and delete

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Who is this idiot started this nonsense? He is trying to do a great disservice to the  Indian society. We must ignore it.

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Dear Friends, Homeopathic medicines are given based on mental and physical symptoms. For a particular symptom, there are are more than 5 to 10 medicines. Hence sometimes, the prescription may go wrong. Or excess or prolonged usage can give adverse effects and aggravation of symptoms. Hence please avoid self medication. Homeopathy is not a safe medicine
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"Faith moves mountains, but only science (sic) can move them to the right place..."― Joseph Goebbels

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Religion is regarded by the common people as holy, by the wise as evil (sic), and by the rulers as useful - Senecca

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"All superstition is much the same, whether it be that of astrology, dreams, omens, retributive judgment or the like, in all of which the deluded believers observe events which are fulfilled, but neglect and pass over their failure, though it be much more common." Francis Bacon 


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