Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Re: [www.keralites.net] REVENGE BY GOD


Dear friends,

I am a proud Indian. Islam is my faith;. it is my personal matter. The faith of any one should be personal only. India is my mother country. India is a secular country every one has got his right to believe whatever he likes. Nobody should fix conditions to the other. When I respect your sentiments, you should also respect mine. In the society we have to behave like cultured Indians who respect love each other. Pl understand that I have the right to stretch my hand; but my right ends where your nose starts.

My brother, God, the Almighty is only one. There is no yours mine. If they are different, then let them decide who is big. Why should we fight here to endorse supremacy of Gods? We all are believing in one Super natural power only; but our routs are different. I believe my route is the best you believe that your route is the best. No religion encourages hate. My faith warns me that if I kill an innocent, I will be punished for killing the entire man kind.

Extremism is there in all religions. Religion has nothing to do with the crimes they are committing in the name of religion. Don't blame the religion or the faith because of some ill-minded people. A true God fearing believer cannot harm another believer. Any attack by the terrorists should resisted and denounced by all the peace loving people.

I have expressed by feelings just because of  your comments on a tragedy. A tragedy, if it occurs in a masjid, temple, church  or a public place, is uncomfortable to another human being. My point was "IF ANY ONE FEELS HAPPY OF THE LOSS OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, HE IS NOT HUMAN."

That is all. I am putting an end to this discussion. May the Almighty God keep the entire mankind sound safe on the earth.

With regards,
Abdul Latheef 

On Tuesday, September 15, 2015 11:48 PM, "Dhananjayan Chambra dhananjayancm@gmail.com [Keralites]" wrote:

We are not living in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, we are Indians, Culturally we Indians are tolerant and secular - that's why our great country was able to absorb so many different cultures and faiths even though it was thrust upon us by invasions (Kerala an exception). of late the non compromising attitude of 'them' 'us' is cropping up. This attitude will only lead to the decay of our secular set up. Fundamentalists are there among all religious groups. Please don't make this forum a platform to make such venomous statements.  

Dr Dhan

On Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 8:47 AM, Muraliknair muraliknair68@yahoo.co.in [Keralites] <Keralites@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

We are the representative of our cast. Our behavior our simplicity tells about our culture. So be good and respect others religions. It's the matter of give and take. If u respect others religion. Our religion will be respected. Try to be merciful and teach your children to kind hearted if you really love India then please don't insult any religion.Then we can see how fast our country will come up. Our mind setup is the only obstacle. Be Indian.

On Sep 14, 2015, at 9:48 AM, Abdul Latheef Puthenveedu latheef1950@yahoo.com [Keralites] <Keralites@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


Is this theory applicable to the accidents and deaths happening during temple festivals also?

Try to be human. Accident, even though it is man made, are painful. Think about the agony of the people involved. Sympathize with the victims and pray God to keep all the human beings, irrespective of their faith, safe sound on this earth.

I think all the members should abstain from this sort of venom filled comments in this social forum.

Regads to all,
Abdul Latheef

On Monday, September 14, 2015 9:21 AM, "Pramod Agrawal pka_ur@yahoo.com [Keralites]" wrote:


Although God is called Merciful, He also PUNISHES evil people for their crimes.

One proof was the crane accident in Islam's holiest grand mosque in Mecca yesterday (September 11, 2015) that KILLED at least 100 and wounded about 200 pilgrims who had come for Hajj ( In fact they were no Hajji they were pajji). The dateis significant: 11 September 2015.

Exactly 14 years ago 19 young men, all belonging to Saudi Arabia crashed their passenger-laden planes into World Trade Centre Towers in New York. Over 3,000 INNOCENT people died, cursing their killers.

Amazing. Mere coincidence of date,or the Law of Divine Retribution?

Another example: Thehistoric misdeed was the mutilation of India in 1947 when our Muslim fellow citizens slaughtered about two million INNOCENT Hindus. We heard about God's revenge from a Pakistani's friendwho isnow living in England. He was caught being illegal immigrant and brought before a judge

The judge ordered his deportation back to Pakistan whereupon the Pakistani cried for mercy saying, "Please do NOT send me to HELL. Better kill me here!"

What more punishment could Godgive to the traitors who cut and chopped the land of their own birth?

The whole of Pakistan resembles HELL now though not even 70 years have passed since their High Treason!

Millions of Muslims are fleeing their ISLAMIC lands

right now, begging to be let in EU for safety and food. What caused their exodus? Again the reason is their treatment of YAZIDI and Christian men and women in Syria and Irak and the beheading of innocent hostages by Isil, the beastly followers of Mohammed. Please watch on television the scenes of these MILLIONS fleeing across Europe!

Moral: Do not hurt anybody's feelings. God is watching. Retribution will come, sooner or later! And God Almighty did not spare even the grand mosque of Mecca from death and destruction!



Posted by: Abdul Latheef Puthenveedu <latheef1950@yahoo.com>
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