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Christians have also caused lot of destruction in the past and that
continues even now in the form of USA . But there is a serious rethinking
now in America (see the restraint in case of Syria). When countries or
individuals face weakening financial resources or feel less motivated by
their religious affinities, violence and urge to dominate others will
decrease. Muslims financial resources will decrease when more oil and gas
production starts in countries other than OPEC. Perhaps the world on the
whole would be a better place if we decide to create heaven on earth by
living peacefully with our fellow human beings who are around us rather
than take less interest in the imaginary concepts of God and Heaven

Allen Peter
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Dear Od...Eenji,

In the whole world, at present and in the past, it been proved that muslim
countries have more violence & coup for power.

All the Holy books are created by men to guide the society in right path.
The violence created by she-ya or sunny Muslims are for money and power to
control. In- Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan/most of the muslim dominated African
countries 99% innocent people are being killed in the name of religion.

Why..... Now-a days muslims don't read their holy book?


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Subject: [www.keralites.net] Extremism has no place in Islam !!!

Extremism has no place in Islam

A subject that becomes the talk of the town in the month of September is
the peril of extremism and terrorism in the world. Sometimes, this debate
goes one step further and people start talking about extremism and
radicalisation in Islam. Is there any extremism in Islam?

There is no room for extremism in Islam whatsoever. Islam categorically and
unreservedly and in the strongest terms condemns extremism of any form, of
any kind and for any purpose. The Holy Prophet Muhammad advised Muslims to
be moderate and said: "In every matter, moderation is best. A person should
take the path of moderation in his activities."

It is true that Islam has had to face some extremist elements in one form
or another throughout its history. But extremism itself has no place
whatsoever in the religion of Islam. If Islam is so strict against
extremism then why is it associated with terrorism?

The fourth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Community says: "Islam is as closely
related to terrorism as light is to darkness or life is to death or peace
is to war. They do come into contact with each other, of course, but from
directions diametrically opposed. They are found grappling with each other
but never walking hand in hand happily together.

"However, one cannot deny that on many occasions some Muslims are found
involved in terrorist activities either on behalf of a group or on behalf
of a country with a predominately Muslim population."

One should bear in mind that the involvement of some Muslim individuals or
groups in extremist activities does not justify labelling Islam as
promoting terrorism and extremism. Terrorists and extremists can have any
religious background.

What we should focus on is whether a religion itself has to do anything
with extremism or sponsors militancy. Does Islam condone terrorism for any

The Holy Quran promotes the establishment of peace, champions the sanctity
of human life and condemns disorder in the land. It states:

"Whosoever killed a person – it shall be as if he had killed all mankind;
and who so gave life to one, it shall be as if he had given life to all
mankind" (5:33).

"Whenever they kindle a fire for war, Allah extinguishes it. And they
strive to create disorder in the earth and Allah loves not those who create
disorder" (5:65).

"There should be no compulsion in religion" (2:257).

"And Allah calls to the abode of peace."

These few references will prove that Islam as a religion does not tolerate
violence and aggression. The involvement of some Muslims, individuals or
groups in terrorist attacks has nothing to do with Islam because that is
their personal agenda.


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