Thursday, 27 September 2012

[] EMERGENCY PRAYER UPDATE - Avery (child with brain tumor)


Dear Friends,

Avery had to be taken back to the hospital to be admitted. She developed a fever this morning. Because she has a central line, we were advised to bring her in to the hospital to draw blood cultures and receive IV antibiotics. We had planned to do her follow-up brain MRI on October 9th. However, recently we have noticed increasing weakness in her hand strength. Tonight, my wife noticed that when she stuck out her tongue, it tended to lean to one side. Because of these recent developments, her doctors are working on trying to move up the MRI to be done tomorrow. Her last MRI done 3 months ago showed some areas of concern that may or may not be residual tumor. Throughout most of this course I have been hopeful that the next MRI shows no tumor. But recent developments have me worried. If the MRI shows that there is residual tumor left behind or worse, that the tumor has spread, that would be very difficult news to take. But we continue to hope and pray for the best.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Please do your best to pray for Avery. In Christ, Joseph

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