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4 Ways To Treat Dengue At Home

Summer is back! And so are mosquitoes.
My friend is a marketing professional who has to travel frequently within India and abroad. He had fever a few days back and popped regular medicines to treat it. A couple of days later when the body temperature did not lower, he got the tests done as advised by a physician. It turned out to be a case of dengue! He was immediately hospitalized and given the required treatment that saved his life.
My point is that if you have fever due to dengue, you are most likely to pass it off as common flu at first. If not diagnosed in time dengue can prove to be fatal. So, let us explore the symptoms of dengue and ways to prevent and treat it:
How do you know its dengue?
Some of the most visible symptoms of dengue are as follows:
  1. Sudden and high grade fever
  2. Severe pain in joints and muscles in the body
  3. Severe headache, abdominal pain and pain behind the eyes
  4. Nausea and vomiting after eating food
  5. Measles like rashes and mild bleeding (like nose or gum bleed)
  6. Low levels of blood platelets
  7. Lethargy and feeling of restlessness
If these symptoms are not treated in time, it may prove fatal. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is an unknown complication to many. It may cause high fever, nasal bleeding, gum bleeding, damage to blood vessels, enlargement of liver and failure of the circulatory system. It causes Dengue Shock Syndrome or severe bleeding, shock and eventually death.
If one has a weak immunity or has suffered from dengue before, then they are at a larger risk for getting dengue hemorrhagic fever. So take care!
How do you get dengue?
Dengue is a viral infection that occurs in your body when a female Aedes Aegypti mosquito infected with the dengue virus bites you. There are 4 types of dengue viruses, namely, DEN1, DEN2, DEN 3 and DEN 4. The symptoms of dengue occur within 3-14 days of the infective mosquito bite. It can afflict the young and the old alike. Its symptoms are milder in young children as compared to older children and adults. Dengue mostly occurs in the tropical areas where the mosquito breeds easily due to weather conditions.
Ways to treat Dengue:
Your doctor will advise microbiological laboratory tests for diagnosing the dengue infection. There are no specific medicines for treating dengue. Avoid medicines with aspirin which may enhance bleeding. You need to see your doctor immediately for treatment. The treatment is symptomatic in the case of dengue.
The blood platelet count goes down drastically that may lead to Dengue Shock Syndrome. To boost up the platelet count, here are some effective Ayurvedic remedies which may go along with Allopathic medication:
  1. Juice of pomegranate or wheatgrass. It helps boost the haemoglobin levels and raises the immunity to fight the infection.. If wheatgrass is not available the patient can be given apple juice as well.
  2. Give 30 ml juice of crushed papaya leaves 2-3 times a day to the dengue patient. The platelet count will start increasing immediately after the first dose.
  3. Give Giloy extract 2-3 times a day to the patient to raise the immunity and boost the platelet count.
  4. To counter the nausea and vomiting, give apple juice mixed with half a tablespoon lemon juice to the patient.
Have enough freshly prepared warm food and take rest. Drink plenty of fluids to maintain the fluid balance.
Apart from the above supplementary remedies, make sure the patient gets a lot of rest and nutritious diet. Without proper rest and diet, the medicines will not have desired effect.
How you can prevent Dengue?
There is no vaccine to prevent dengue infection. However, the best you can do is to avoid getting bitten by the mosquitoes by destroying their breeding grounds and spraying mosquito repellents.
You may also take the following precautions:
  1. Avoid living in densely populated areas to cut down the probability of infection.
  2. Use mosquito repellents indoor as well as outdoors.
  3. When going outside, wear clothes covering the maximum area of your body.
  4. Drain out clogged water in tanks, pots etc. that may potentially breed mosquitoes.
  5. Use air conditioner at home to prevent humid conditions that breed mosquitoes.
  6. If any family member gets dengue, make sure the rest of the family is protected from mosquitoes.
  7. Seek medical when you develop fever and other dengue symptoms.
Prevention, after all, is the best cure in case of dengue fever. Don't you agree?


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