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Do you know that thyroid problems are becoming more and more
relevant among women as they age?
You need to realise that thyroid has a major role to play in your
body related to metabolism, cell growth and regulating calcium
levels in blood. A change in the thyroid level can upset a lot of
things inside. I find myself obliged to tell you the tops signs of
thyroid problem which even doctors may miss. 
1. Weight Loss or Gain - A change in the metabolism rate in
inevitable if you have an overactive thyroid. You find yourself
losing weight even when you have more food cravings because more
energy is getting burned. Hypothyroidism will cause low metabolism
rate and weight gain.
2. Mood swings and Fatigue - An upset thyroid will manifest in
abnormal mood swings and tiredness in some. So if you feel
depressed, forgetful or lethargic, don't worry. Just get your blood
test (Thyroid Function Test) done.
3. Aches and pains - Thyroid disease can cause joint pains, cramps,
stiffness, tingling or symptoms which are similar to those of
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some even complain of throat pain or pain
in the thyroid area in the neck.
4. Changes in neck - If you find a swelling, any change in your
neck or hoarse voice then its probably your thyroid.  
5. Hair loss and fragile skin - Many thyroid patients fail to
realise that hair loss is a side effect of thyroidism. If you lose
hair on the outer edge of the eyebrows or on body, do check you
thyroid. Dryness, flaky and itchy skin can also indicate thyroid
6. Bowel problems - Constipation or diarrhea, Irritable bowel
syndrome are found to be related to thyroid disorders.
7. Fertility issues - Women suffer from menstrual irregularities
and fertility issues due to their thyroid imbalance. Unfortunately,
some women fall victims to miscarriage without realising that it is
caused by their largest endocrine glands, the thyroids.


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