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Poly cystic ovary is a very common cause for irregular periods in adolescent and young girls. If obese bring down the Body Mass Index (BMI) to below 24. Avoid Junk food, chocolates and biscuits. Eat less of oily foods take lot of fresh vegetables. Regular exercise, not just walking have free  time in the evenings with friends and get relaxed. Sleep well.If periods do not occur at right time after 3 months of these consult Gynecologist. But if there is excessive flow during the periods or if flow continues for more than 7-10 days and flow is very frequent less than 15 days better consult doctor. I have seen girls with hemoglobin less than 6 Gm% just due to irregular scanty flow alone.Low hemoglobin will make the girl inactive and dull with no concentration to studies and easily fatigable.

Dr.Sundaram M.K.


Irregular periods are quite a common problem in women. Women that have irregular lengths of menstrual cycle are quite concerned about it. Commonreasons for irregular periods are stress, lack of physical activity, heavy exercises, an imbalance of hormones at menarche or while nearing menopause, improper intake of diet and certain medications could be the cause of irregular periods.

It is quite rare that irregularity of periods could be due to an underlying complication. However, if a woman faces irregular periods for a long time, she must consult a doctor to make herself sure that she isn't having any trouble other than the common reasons.

7 Home Remedies For Irregular Periods

Although irregular periods mostly occur due to normal and general reasons and may not be mostly harmful, but this seems to be quite inconvenient for a woman.Having irregular menstrual cycle means, being prepared all the time which is mostly not comfortable.Hence, if you are quite sure that you are not suffering from any sort of complication after having referred a doctor, then you may try out the following home remedies to improve the regularity of your menstrual cycle.


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Improving your diet is the easiest and the most convenient way to get rid of anydisease. Girls! high cholesterol levels can affect the blood flow towards your ovaries. Therefore eat a low fat diet. Have those foods which contain good fats such as fish oil, papaya, avocados, corn, pumpkin, legumes, etc.
Do not eat highly processed foods. Other foods such as white bread, white flour, pastas and white rice may also be a reason for irregular periods. Foods containing caffeine must also be avoided if one faces irregularity of periods.To balance your hormones, an adequate amount of protein intake is a must. Hence, include the foods in your diet that are rich in protein such as eggs, milk, almonds, walnuts, cheese, etc.

Iron Intake For Irregular Periods

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Women who have low amounts of iron in their blood, may have a reduced menstrual flow because iron forms an important part of your red blood cells.Therefore, intake of foods that contains iron is quite necessary.

Weight Control

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Being overweight or underweight could also be the reason behind irregular periods.Therefore, keep your body weight normal in relation to your age, height and physique.


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Asafetida is the herb which is beneficial in regulating the menstrual cycle. Itincreases the production of progesterone and hence, is an effective one amongst the 'home remedies for irregular periods'.

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If you go to a doctor to complain about having irregular periods, the second or third question they will ask you would be "are you taking any stress?"Stress does not only cause irregularity of periods but is also the reason behind many other health disorders. So to improve the regularity of periods, women must try to reduce their stress levels as much as possible.

Coriander Seeds

A tsp. of coriander seeds boiled in 2 cups of water would also make an effective home remedy for irregular periods.

Juice Intake

Intake of juices of grapes, carrot and bitter gourd daily is also known to regulate the menstrual cycle


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