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[www.keralites.net] : Here is a way to lose Abdominal fat, way faster !


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Many of us are unhappy about those ugly flabs in the middle. But
they are the most difficult to get rid of but are the easiest to
form. You need to keep in mind that we cannot have targetted spot
reduction of fat. Fat is always lost through out the body. 
I have compiled a few tips exclusively for well toned abs.
1# The cardinal rule to reduce your waistline naturally is to do Ab
exercises. After your regular jogging or walk, do your sit ups and
crunches and never ignore those ab machines or the exercise ball.
Pranayama, especially, Kapal Bhati works great for this. If you
can, start weight training exercises and love the stairs.
2# Reduce stress. Mental stress leads to binge eating and fat
3# Never skip your sleep even to watch your favourite serial. But,
do watch the repeat telecast the next afternoon and keep yourself
away from napping after meal. 
4# Caution with the eatables. Take a protein drink every day, eat
good fats, soy, munch almonds, take whole grains, avoid rice and go
green. Stop eating chips, popcorn, cookies, pasta, pastries etc.
But do take 4 small meals, instead of three sumptuous ones, ending
with a light meal at night. Small bites and patient chewing will
control what you eat.
5# Drink plain warm water or barley water all through the day.
Replace black tea and coffee with green tea.
6# Cut short on salt and sugar.
7# One of the simple exercises for losing belly fat is to do a sit
up exercise. Try to sit up from a supine position (lying on the
back) without moving either the legs or using the arms for support.
Repeat this five times at first and gradually increase it up to a
20. Also, never strain too much and take breaks in between.


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