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Even before her marriage, Sunita had this reoccurring pain in the back. Just days after marriage the pain aggravated and she found it difficult to stand erect. Her condition worsened after the delivery of her child. Finally Sunita was reduced to a pitiful state of crawling - she could not even lift her hands completely. The enormity of simple tasks like washing her face and combing her hair scared her.

But today she is on her feet again. People may call it a miracle, but the surgeons of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasanthigram, where the treatment was performed totally free of cost, and Sunita herself treat it as Bhagavan Baba's gift of love to her. Sunita presently is standing tall and walking again and for the first time after parting with her son, she will be able to take him in her arms.

Chandrakant said, "Once we were inside the Hospital we had to spend for nothing. Everything is free for patients; they do not charge anything for food, or accommodation, or even for the operation. But in all other hospitals that I went to in Mumbai, the first thing they asked was money. It is so different here; it is all Love.

Tuberculosis of the Bones Ruins Sunita's Life
They told me I had bone TB. I did not even know what it was. I was told to take medicines, and to come back for a surgery, and the price to be paid for the operation was an exorbitant sum. But they could not assure me whether the benefit of the surgery would last beyond a year," Sunita said recounting those fateful days.

While she took the medicines, the family could do nothing when it came to paying the cost for the treatment. Sunita's husband, Chandrakant, a vegetable vendor had hardly ever thought that his wife's condition would be so grim, but there was little they could do. By this time, Sunita had started stooping and her capacity to perform the basic household chores diminished considerably.

Returning to her story, she continued, "We did not have the money so the misery continued. The only thing I did was to cry the whole day.

"Our neighbour who had undergone surgery for a urological ailment at Swami's Super Hospital came back and told us that he had seen many people who were visiting the hospital for bone ailments. He told us it was a free hospital. But we definitely had our doubts. We could hardly believe what he said. But when he spoke to us at length about how the facilities and services were being provided really free of any charge, we became convinced and at once decided to come here."

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