Saturday, 24 October 2020

[] Righteousness



It appears that with repetition of the Roman blunder of 100 A D,  Dark ages is knocking at the gates of humanity…Pandemic ensues with the pandemic large groups of people are seen dancing together when even grouping for prayers in churches are banned.  They put up lights and loud speakers plays music and dances as if they want the pandemic to rain upon them infect them and take them to hell .From all this Isnt the assumption that they do not want the welfare and progress in peace and happiness of humanity explicitly manifest. When government's proclaim and ask public to keep social distance and wear masks these groups especially gays come closer take off their masks and rejoice laughing. I experienced this coming closer yesterday and has to admonish this man and others with dire consequences. Then it was ther on Twitter this video posted by a lady who was crying and saying that Even when people are forbidden to go to churches in groups these people are rejoicing in large numbers putting up songs and loudspeakers  ……..Here I find gays in large numbers outside  day and   night breaking the pandemic rules and the persons who come closer are also gays .It seems they want to embrace and rejoice. The marks the advent of  Satan and it's the satanic who rejoice on the coming in of their paramount power. They don't want the welfare and progress of humanity in peace and happiness going against nature and causing catastrophes and pestilences to befall on humanity . God created Adam finding Adam lonely God created Eve from the rib bone of Adam to be his consort and vice versa for progress in happiness and yonder.... Man and women had been destined to be together as family copulation and procreation to enjoy and live in bliss forever. Satan came in entices Eve and caused Eve to entice Adam pushing Humanity to unending peril and unhappiness . its natural dictate that Man has to copulate with women and live in happiness bliss and progress in peace. Anyone who spoils this is unnatural and anti human enemy of all humanity. Any group who spoils natural human conduct and natural course of events cannot be equated with a natural group of humans. They being not concerned about the welfare of people cannot be considered as a group to bestow rights.equally with the natural group of genders Think of it gays entice children and can be seen in and around children's schools befriending children and perverting their psyche They give emphasis to body building and entice children with tips and later gay sex induction through showing off their large penis for boys and asking them that they should have it for girls and if they want it they should do what the enticer want. Girls are enticed showing of their beauty and sexually arousing body organ's and enticed to their ways to have it and also saying that this gays who give much pleasure than males  Moreover only if the children are in the groups they will be bestowed favors like passing without actually learning a thing and getting to win in many situations where otherwise they would have lost. With all these children's basic rights to become naturally what they are who they are is shattered. Their individual development is made dependent on other unnatural groups or persons shattering their personal freedoms and aspirations. Most children are molested and abused bringing in the finding of the United Nations children's commission that children molested or abused has a tendency to become rapists and criminals in later life. Gays are allowed to be married and adopt children …doesn't this bring in a ravage of children's rights to live and grow up in a natural atmosphere naturally especially when everyone knows that gays are interested only in increasing their numbers by whatever ways and means . Most gays go for anal sex bringing in the scientific and anatomical realities of Semen getting deposited in anus as Semen is precious to body cells and the cells are blueprinted to sustain and preserve the semen so as to bring out another human life naturally when semen comes in anus and other areas the cells starts to get wrong signals causing or igniting a catastrophic paradoxes in the whole human body and bringing in mental chaos and craziness.  Mainly manifested when the intentions and aspirations of gays are shattered making them violently crazy and sadistically criminals.. It is said that family is the building block of society . Happy and good families brings in a happy state or Nations and consequently a happy world .Shattered families churns out shattered children and spoils the future of the humanity. With the coming together of a man and women for constitution a family there comes a sanctity of an oath to live together till death separates bringing in further restrictions for the welfare of the family like forbidding sex outside the husband and wife ..its like different states joining together as a nations and there coming into force laws to maintain the unity of the nation on the fear of even punishment as otherwise a group of evil people bent on destroying the peace progress ,happiness and stability brought about by the Nation for its people wont succeed in ravaging and shattering the national interest. The law allowing sex to be noncriminal will only encourage the evil people to shatter families and consequently nations easily by narcissist's attitudes. A criminal law as in the case of adultery applicable to both sexes alike is a necessity and cannot be avoided so as to maintain the sanctity of the family  just as for maintaining the unity of the nation and the national interest for peace prosperity and happiness of humanity. Bringing into being a family  signifies a reasonable restriction in ones freedom in the sense that ones freedom becomes qualified by ones spouses welfare and security. Thus the spouses are fettered by one another's welfare happiness and security. Sexual freedom also comes in for reasonable restrictions and is nto available as a single person. As it's the coming together of two persons for future happiness and good they cant have what they had as singles they or either of them has to come to the middle and adjust to the needs of either for family good  happiness welfare and progress .Gats dosent allow this and families are broken by gays to secure their interests and attitudes. Everyone knows that gays are the group most prone to HIV and Aids….allowing them freedom to go about in all their ways and means to achieve their needs and ends brings in a catastrophic effect of health and well being of the humanity. Thus if one investigates the gays ways and means for achieving their ends it will be explicit that its effect on society and humanity will be catastrophic and devastatingly destructive. It was first during the period 100 A D Romans legalized gay sex …this caused such damage  in social norms that it caused the emergence of the dark ages pushing humanity to chaos and ravage. It was in the Medieval period that the ill effects of gay sex was realized and it was named sodomy . The severe ravage brought in legislation to curb the malady and thus was introduced the punishment of death considering the extent of damage the gay inflicted on society and humanity. Now we are repeating the ...Roman blunder of 100 A D and legalizing gay sex in a easy way without any investigation into the affairs of the ways and means of gays to achieve their ends and the impact the gays ways and means have on heterosexuals freedoms and on humanity is general. If a gay person looks back it will be evident that when that person was young and innocent playing around a crooked gay person befriended the child and stealthy by showing love and affection trapped the child in gay sex by purring  fear by threat of bodily harm or other way to force gay sex on the child who innocently thinking that it is the natural ways got hooked to it By repletion of this abuse the child fell into a habit and habit later developed into an addiction bringing about a hardcore gay sexist bend on destroying anything or everything that comes in the way of achieving the gay ends .By this children's freedoms are shattered and children abused.  This is akin to drug addiction becoming violent and crazy like when denied the attainment of illicit ends. The saddening thing is that if properly treated with brain wave therapy and treatment with psychologists this addiction is curable and the person brought back to mainstream social life. If these mandatory attributes of gays are known or brought our by and impartial investigation by non gay groups it will be manifest that gays are not and cannot be considered as a group worthy of being allowed the freedom of pursuing their ways and means for achieving their ends or goals treating them at par with natural groups of people .Treating gays as a group ar par with natural genders for copulation is unreasonable irrational  harmful and destructive of humanity's well being and progress in peace and happiness . Its high time the courts embark upon a rethinking of the freedoms granted to gays by flagrant violations of the norms of administration of Justice namely  majority gay benches deciding gay rights and granting gays rights treating them at par with natural group of Male and females .The granting of gay rights to gays by majority gay Judges Benches id done goes against the cardinal concept of natural Justice that " No one can be judge of his own cause" militating against the administration of Justice norms rendering the order fraudulent and void. If gays are appropriating rights or has appropriated rights in these fraudulent  illegal ways and means its res ipsa loquitor of their evil sadistic illicit  ravaging mentality and attitudes.
    Think of it  Transgender are naturally handicapped and as they wont come within the genders ie: Males and females they are known as the third sex……Trans Atlantic flight means its across the Atlantic and not inside the Atlantic……..Now it is known that all transgender are clubbed with gays and they together say that they are the third sex  what a can they naturally handicapped Transgender be gays like ….gays are gays due to the molestation of persons when they are young and by constant repetition and habit forming they become addicted to this unnatural sex …addicts like these can be termed natural and neither can they be clubbed with Transgenders and claim the trangenders benefits. Transgenders should be protected and given encouragements to come up in open society work and endeavors…..Gays exploiting transgenders should be curbed at all costs .Seeing from whatever angle in reality isn't the gays keeping the society at ransom by fraud and trickery. All these are given protection by legalizing the gays. Wherever gays are there food is adulterated as the fays signifies their intention by giving spoiled or adulterated food to the victim and partner…..this lead to food adulteration and consequent health ill effects .
Are all these really necessary in society doesn't humanity go to the hell with all these Wont the freedom of all other sections of society be transgressed by allowing gay freedom especially so when one knows the ultimate intention of gays are to make everyone gay. To change for  the good is a duty and necessity but to change for bad or worse  is rather paradoxical. The adultery laws are necessary to keep up the sanctity and unity of family  as the unity and security of Nations are kept together by sedition laws.  In adultery laws both spouses should be equally treated...conning together of a Male and female in marriage implies a reasonable restraining of the freedom of both the spouses linking freedom to the other spouses freedom thereby making it conditional on each others wellbeing and welfare.

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