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Good Morning
A few days ago, I had talked at length about the health benefits of
Pranayam. If you are still uncertain on how to begin then this is
for you. Remember that Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline
designed to bring peace within.
Here's a starter for you!
The yogi should be cleansed and should find a neat and well
ventilated place for practice. It is best practised at dawn or
after sun set on empty stomach. Pranayama should follow the yogasans. 
Take a comfortable sitting posture (Sukh asana or Vajarasana) with
a straight back. You may even practise it sitting on a chair. Rest
the left hand on the knee and with the thumb of the right hand
close the right nostril and inhale deep in to the lungs through the
left. Now use the ring finger to close the left and open the right
nostril and exhale. Do no twist your nose. Watch the Video here!
A beginner can do this about 10-12 times after Anulom Vilom and
gradually increase it to 25-30 times. It reduces high blood
pressure, mental stress and the calming'effect is spontaneous.
Gently cover your ears with your thumbs, place your index fingers
on the forehead and breathe in slowly yet deeply and as you exhale
"humm" with your mouth closed. The last three fingers should remain
close to your eyes. Watch the Video here!
It is the best way to reduce your abdominal muscles and to detoxify
your system. People with high blood pressure, weakness, ovarian
cysts etc should consult their doctor beforehand. First, take a
normal relaxing breath. Now, breathe in normally and breathe out
forcefully pushing stomach inside and out in 10 exhalations. The
inhalation should be effortless and it should be performed without
strain. Again, take a refreshing breath and continue 3-4 times. 
Watch the Video here!
So, from now on, begin your day with a whiff of spiritual air!
Wishing you good health,


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