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The benefit of eating food in Banana Leaf | Kerala Traditional Food | Mohanan Vaidyar | EPISODE # 5    9.47 minutes

These three awakens the digestive acids to digest the food that you are going to eat further. After that ginger curry and lemon pickle is served. This also helps in digestion. Then other curries, after that hot rice is served. When hot rice is put on banana leaf it gets sweltered.

Like green tea, banana leaves contain large amounts of polyphenols, including EGCG. They also contain polyphenol oxidase, an enzyme that produces L-DOPA, a treatment for Parkinson's disease.

Learn the traditional way of serving food on plantain leaves in the traditional Udupi style

food serving in banana leaves
 1. Uppu (Salt)      2. Uppinakai (Pickles)     3. Chutney Pudi (Chutney Powder)  4. Kosumbri (Green Gram Salad)
5. Kosumbri (Bengal Gram Salad)    6. Kayi Chutney (Coconut Chutney)   7. Beans Pallya (Fogath)
8. Gujje Pallya (Jack Fruit Fogath)  9. Chvitranna (Lemon Rice)      10. Happala (Papad)   11. Sandige (Crispies)
12. Kadubu (Steamed Rice Cake)   13. Anna (Rice)     14. Thovve (Dal)       15. Sihigojju (Raitha)
16. Saru (Rasam)     17. Uddinahittu (Black Gram Paste)     18. BadanePodi (Brinjal Pakoda)
19. Menaskai (Sweet And Sour Gravy)    20. Goli Baje (Maida Fry)    21. Avial (Vegetabel Mix)
22. Gatti Baje (Ladies Finger Pakoda)  23. Gulla Koddel (Brinjal Sambar)   24. Chiroti Milk (Sweet)
25. Gojjambade (Masalwada Curry)   26. Kayi Holige (Sweet Coconut Chapati)   27. Vangi Bath (Vegetable Upma)
28. Bharatha (Sour Ginger Gravy)      29. Paradi Payasa (Sweet)    30. Mosaru (Curds)   31. Majjige (Butter Milk)
When dealing with bed sores, spread honey on a banana leaf and lie on it for a few hours to cure the problem. You can follow this procedure for treating small pox, too.

Applying a fresh banana leaf on skin for a few hours is valuable in the natural tr
eatment of boils and psoriasis. It relieves skin irritation, too.

Applying juice extracted from banana flowers or leaves is helpful in healing burns. You can also apply mashed banana and cover the affected area with betel leaves.

Banana has been used as a folk medicine among people with diabetes in the Philippines. Folkloric use of Dried Banana Leaves also includes diuretic and purgative action from leaf decoctions and the use of root parts for stomach ailments. Besides, the Banana plant is being studied for its application in the treatment of diabetes. Dried Banana Leaves Banana leaves contain ellagic acid derivatives.

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