Sunday 6 September 2020

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Very shocking,but true confessions by doctors.Many of the corporate
hospitals are money suckers and have no ethics whatsoever in providing

> Doctors with conscience speak out!
> Please click on the link given below for the full message from TOI.

> NEW DELHI: In order to benefit the hospital and meet its commercial needs,
> one has to do things like keeping patients in the hospital longer than
> necessary, and doing unnecessary investigations and procedures (including
> angioplasty) since there was pressure from the management of the hospital.
> My conscience began pricking and I left the hospital- Dr Gautam Mistry,
> Kolkata, cardiologist who left a corporate hospital after seven years.
> A reference for angioplasty can earn a doctor Rs 30,000-40,000 - Dr Rajendra
> Malose, general practitioner, Nashik
> Recently, a young doctor who joined our department told me, "Sir, every
> month there is a meeting with the CEO. He asks me questions because instead
> of having a 40% conversion rate for OPD-operative as per the target, my
> conversion rate is just 10-15%. (Conversion rate means out of all patients
> seen by the doctor, how many are advised to undergo surgery or procedures.
> Rational doctors try to keep this rate low, but profit-driven hospitals try
> to maximise number of surgeries and procedures, even if they are
> unnecessary). He tells me that such low conversion rate will not do, and
> that unless I increase it, I will have to leave the hospital." This young
> doctor will certainly surrender one day. To survive professionally, he will
> start doing 20-25% of additional procedures that are not required by medical
> logic. What choice does he have?"... And each corporate hospital has such
> targets! There is no getting out of it. - Super specialist from a metro
> Pharma companies are giving foreign tours and junkets to doctors. It happens
> under the pretext of medical study. Unfortunately, some doctors eagerly wait
> for the pharma company invitation for foreign tours- Dr HV Sardesai,
> physician Pune.
> Corporate hospitals only want doctors who can help them earn more money. As
> a result doctors who practise ethically cannot last there. I know of a
> hospital where if a patient is charged Rs 1.5 lakh, the doctor gets a mere
> Rs 15,000. 90% of the income goes to the corporate coffers. Corporate
> hospitals can advertise while individual doctors are not allowed- Dr Sanjay
> Gupte, gynaecologist, Pune, ex-national president of the Federation of
> Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI)
> These are just a few of the shocking revelations by 78 doctors from small
> towns to every one of the megacities who are critical of the growing
> commercialisation of medical care. The doctors range from general
> practitioners to super specialists in corporate hospitals. These interviews
> that expose the corruption in private healthcare have been put together by
> SATHI (Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives), an NGO, to
> highlight the lack of regulation of the sector.
> A report based on these interviews titled, "Voices of Conscience from the
> Medical Profession: Revealing testimonies by rational doctors about the
> reality of private medical practice in India" has been put together by Dr
> Arun Gadre, a doctor and writer with 20 years' experience of working as a
> gynaecologist in rural Maharashtra, and Abhay Shukla, convenor of SATHI.
> The report will be released at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences
> (AIIMS) on February 26, in a function to be attended by AIIMS director Dr MC
> Mishra, senior gastrointestinal surgeon Dr Samiran Nundy of Sir Ganga Ram
> Hospital, and several of the doctors from across the country who have spoken
> out in the report.
> The report is an English translation of the recently published Marathi
> report 'Kaifiyat - pramanik doctoranchi', which is being widely read in
> Maharashtra and is already into its second edition. An enlarged version of
> this report is soon to be published as a book.
> "These 'whistleblower' doctors have exposed, perhaps for the first time on
> such a scale and in so many dimensions, the realities of the private medical
> sector today such as frequent irrational procedures and surgeries, the
> distorting influence of corporate and multi-specialty hospitals on ethics of
> the medical profession, and the growing grip of pharmaceutical companies on
> private medical practice. With testimonies by rational doctors from across
> India, this report can be an eye-opener for ordinary citizens as well as
> doctors, and could strengthen social support for much-needed moves to
> effectively regulate the private medical sector in India," explained Shukla.
> According to him, the government is trying to dilute the Clinical
> Establishments Bill on the grounds that outdated laws have to be changed.
> "The bill has not even become law and no proper implementation of any law to
> regulate the private medical sector has been undertaken and even before that
> you are saying it is outdated. There is a strong lobby of the corporate
> health sector and the Indian Medical Association, the biggest lobby of
> doctors in India, that are trying to completely eliminate any kind of
> regulation. It is total jungle raj now. This is the larger policy
> environment in which we are releasing the report," said Shukla.

> Public health activists have stressed the need to urgently step up
> regulation of the private health sector rather than dilute whatever little
> regulation exists. "Doctors have their lobbying groups like the IMA, which
> will speak of their interests. Society needs to speak up and lobby for the
> interests of the patients," said Shukla.
> Consulting your family doctor is the best way to get remedy than going to
> corporate hospitals.


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