Friday 4 September 2020

Re: I fail to understand why this man Xavier is only after Sanghis...he claims sanghis talk about past..which he too does..Further, if talking about present he turns his blind eye towards conversions taking place in India through churches or madarsas where they are taught not to mingle with kaafirs ( non followers of islam)..spineless person who has got only one topic to discuss in this forum as he has no other good things to do.[] Re: [aryayouthgroup] Re: [TheBecoming] PORTUGESE CONQUEST IN INDIA AN UNTOLD STORY IN OUR HISTORY BOOKS


Xavier is a Hindu hating piece of twit, best ignored. He keeps on making abusive remarks about Hindus, knowing fully well he will not invite any retaliation of any kind. Ask this effing moron to make or pass derogatory comments about his Muslim brethren. Let us see if he has any bloody guts. 

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Dear Readers

Xavier is a Christian doing the job of the Pulpit Priests - mostly semi literates.

He seems to have conveniently forgotten the role of the Pope in propagating the Goan and Portugese Inquisitions, which killed thousands in the name of Jesus Christ. These converts to Christianity are FANATICS. You'll find them among the Tamils too.
One has to just ignore these morons. They are a curse to humanity. These wretches are responsible for creating disharmony among the human race in the name of religion. And give their religion a bad name.


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Dear Vasu,
I think you have missed the point I have been making all along and that is we should bury the past and reconcile with the present and cooperate with each other for a better future. Instead what the Sanghis do is to harp on the crimes of the Muslims and the British and gloss over their own crimes which were as significant as those of the invaders.
Our fixation with the past has to end. We should stop building walls and instead we should start building bridges with even our enemies. Our future lies in global cooperation and not in digging up skeletons.
So if the Sanghis stop selective and biased males I will also stop digging up the past. All of us have skeletons in our cupboards and they are best hidden away as they are instead of digging them up to suit our agenda.

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              1857  war of independence  [ you call as sepoy mutiny]  was led by  men like Tatya topi,  Nanasaheb,  Rani of Jhansi etc. They were all Brahmins by caste. The Gurkas were used to put down the mutiny. And Gurkas  are not brah mins, Sikhs did not take part in the war. On this ground will   it be  correct to  say that  effort to liberate india was thwarted by Non Brhamins  and the  foreign rule was  prolonged  by Non brahmins? , Further, the third  Anglo Maratha war ended with victory of English  and Mahars to which caste  Dr Ambedkar belonged to fought  against  Marathas led by peshwas  who were brahmins,   On this score will it be correct to say that Mahars who are Dalits  aided the  foreign rule?
                       People who fought with British were mercenaries. They existed  in  all times. on this score  the entire community cannot be blamed.... 
                         When Greeks invaded india, porus led the  opposition, He was brahmin, The enemy was  aided by ambi who was  Kshtriya.  But later  Greeks were driven away by forces led by Chandragupta a  Dalit  who was a protege of  Chanakya, So, on this score can it concluded that  all Kshtriyas were  friendly to the Greeks? 
              your hatred  to Brahmins  has gone to ludicrous lengths. . Yes  there were  brahmins, Marathas Siksh who aided the British and Moghuls. Such people are not deified and ignored.  
              Let us not draw conclusions based  on what some community members did in the past. 

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For over 2000 years the Brahmanic hordes crushed the Sudras, the Dasyus, the Chandalas and the Dalits. The Manusmrithi, the Arthasasthra and other ancient Indian writings attest to that. The Kerala Aithihya mala or "the legends of Kerala" written hardly a hundred years ago also attests to the despicable practices of the caste system.
When the Channar women wanted to cover up their breasts who beat them up? the high castes!
Who opposed the Dalits from even walking in the vicinity of the Vaikom Temple? The high castes?
Who stood in the way of the dalits entering the Guruvayoor temple? The Hindu king of Cochin?
Now Sanghis are trying to sweep under the carpet all the crimes they perpetrated on other Hindus. In its place they are fabricating their own version of history of denial of the caste system  in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.
In the process they blame the Islamic and European invaders for India's problems.
I do not know about the history of the Islamic kingdoms of India. But it is certain that the Muslims were in the Minority. Sanghis speak all the time about the massacre perpetrated by Tippu on the Hindus in his efforts to convert them. But even now the Muslim population in Mysore is hardly 22% which would not have been the case if Tippu had adopted violent methods for conversion. Similarly Akbar was a tolerant Muslim with many Pujaris and Hindu astrologers advising him.
The Portuguese attacked Bijapur which was then under Muslim rule. Why does not our Sanghi brag about it? The Portuguese were merely 1600 in numbers. The rest of the Portuguese army consisted mainly of Hindus. Why dont the Sanghis mention such instances of the Hindus siding with the invaders?
There were hardly 30000 English men in India and they ruled over 200 million Indians, most of them Hindus. How could they have done it without the connivance of the caste Hindus?
The Sepoy Mutiny was put down with the help of the Hindu Gurkhas for which they were rewarded more than generously.
Though the Jalianwala Bagh massacre was ordered by Gen Dyer they were the Hindu Gurkhas who went in and finished off the wounded with their Kukris.
In fact the British empire depended mostly on Hindu employees in administering the country - Muslims were averse to working under the British for religious reasons.
So History tells us that the caste Hindus aided the British in subduing the Indians and in keeping them subdued or we can say they hunted wholeheartedly with the hounds. Now their descendants the Sanghis are  making up stories of how their ancestors ran with the hunted. In the process they are trying to hide the real history of India based on the barbarous exploitation of the low castes and the Dalits by the Brahmanical class and their pimps - yes in Kerala the Nairs were pimping off their women to the Brahmins until hardly a century ago.
You have glorified RANI ABBAKKA CHOWTA and her exploits. Do you think that the Portuguese were alone in attacking the Rani? There were plenty of Hindus on the Portuguese side as weell. narrates the History of the Rani. In that she is said to have taken refuge in a Mosque. She had also the Bijapur Sultan as well as the   Zamorin on her side.
She was finally defeated by the Portuguese with the aid of her treacherous husband - a Hindu.
So my dear Dava Saran Sanghi please stop this nonsense of rewriting history to suit the Sanghi Agenda. The Sanghis have power in India not because the majority likes them but because of the incompetence of the congress and the opposition

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"All new ideas good or bad, great or small start with a one-man minority" - anonymous

A man without god is a man. A God without man is nothing!!

The greatest knowledge is the knowledge that there is so much more to know and the greatest discovery is the discovery that there is so much more to discover


"All new ideas good or bad, great or small start with a one-man minority" - anonymous

A man without god is a man. A God without man is nothing!!

The greatest knowledge is the knowledge that there is so much more to know and the greatest discovery is the discovery that there is so much more to discover


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