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BEWARE: ATM paper-slip receipt can cause cancer, contains harmful chemicals

New Delhi: The paper-slip receipt rolled out by the automatic teller machine (ATM) can be harmful for your health. It has been proved in a research conducted by the Chemical department of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University located in Aurangabad.
The investigation says the chemical coating that exists on the paper, which is also used extensively in malls, petrol pumps, bus tickets and online lotteries, can cause far-reaching harm to the health of user.
Thermal printer is used to print a design on this paper.
Understanding BPA
Bisphenol is an industrial chemical. It was used in production of plastic and resin since 1960. It's used inside the cover of water hoses, inner coating of bottles and airtight containers.
Chemicals used
Chemicals such as triarylmethane dye, BPA and Bisphenol B and stabilizers are used in preparation of paper.
How do chemicals enter the body?
If paper remains in hand for more than five seconds, 1 microgram BPA remains trapped in the skin of our fingers. If hands are already sweaty, the process increases by 10 times. Keeping it in hands for more than 10 hours, 71 BPA enters the body.
Probable diseases
Breast cancer in females and testicle cancer in males, reduction in sperm count, enlargement of reproductive glands, problems in brain functioning, obesity, diabetes and weakness in immune system.
Fine of $30,000 in New York
The paper is banned in New York, US. The offender is slapped with a fine of Rs. 30,000.
Places namely France, Denmark, Sweden, Mariland, Washington, New York, Vemount, Canada, Minisota, and Maschettetus have also banned the paper.
Dr. Praveen Vakte, Head of Chemical Department of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University says, "paper coating used in thermal printer uses BPA which can easily enter our body through skin pores, which can cause extensive harm to user's health."

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