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Anand Sharma,
You deserve a Nobel for predicting so far into the future.
Muslims are in conflict with each other as much as they are in conflict with others. So what use is it to them to increase their numbers when those numbers are in conflict with each other?
Anyway, Sharma, can you provide even a shred of evidence to prove that Muslims are marrying non Muslims in a big way or that all of them are polygamous. I was in the Gulf and I found that not even 5% of them practice polygamy. So can you shut up this nonsense and discuss something worthwhile. First ask why Krishna married 16008 women and why Dasarath married 3 and why Panchali married 5 men and then most of those Pandavas married at will and why Manu screwed his own daughter and granddaughter and why Shiva screwed Vishnu and why... 

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Dear friends,

A clarification about calling 1 billion Hindus dumb. This relates only to their not understanding of how the Muslims are wiping them out without firing a shot by allowing "Polygamy for Muslims only", 73 years after our independence and the 6 years of BJP/NAMO.

Apologize because I did not make the context clear.

I know, in general, they are the most intelligent people, landing a rocket on Mars in the very first try, which even US and Russia could not do.  

Here is how polygamy wipes out everyone else with time. You see many of the Islamic countries, starting out with a bare majority, become almost 100% Islamic with time.

God has produced one man to one woman. A Muslim can get extra wives in following ways.

  • He marries non-Muslims, mostly Hindus in India. 100% of the children and almost all of the women get converted to Islam.
  • He marries 4 Muslim girls. He has just created an artificial shortage of Muslim women. 3 Muslim boys would not find Muslim women, they will marry others with the same result.
  • He marries a mix of Muslims and non-Muslims. Net result is the same because of the above 2 reasons.  
I met Lal Krishna Advani Ji personally in early 90's. He assured us that they will ban polygamy as soon as they come into power. Here is a picture with him with my wife to his right, my son at his feet, the other son is in corner against the wall and me hidden by tall man in the front.

Thanks and regards,
Anand Sharma 

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Thanks and regards,
Anand Sharma 

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Forgot to mention in my previous comment that all 30 countries of Europe have banned polygamy as well.

Thanks and regards,
Anand Sharma 

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I am resending my comment:


Unfortunately Hindu's are good armchair talkers and do not have social consciousness.


Look at the sins they commit under their cast systems. Even children are abused to such a scale creating the terrain for the so called barbaric religions for conversion.


If not for the British, wives being thrown into the pyre of the dead bodies of the husbands would not have ended even now. Taxation system of the upper class Brahmins on the poor under class women to cover their tops was another curse that drove Hindus to change religion.


A struggle must start within Hindus to end their own foolishness without living in the glories of false and hyped godly values.


I am writing as disgruntled Hindu.



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I am totally shocked. How can 1 billion Hindus still left be so dumb or I am dumb? All of you, shall see on this thread too, no one will pay any attention to my post and very soon it will be relegated to a dump heap to be replaced by many exotic philosophical discussions which are OK to have but the practical, time dependent, actions are more critical need.


First, all of Hindus must realize that they have an existential threat, not to its present generation but in the immediate next generations. When their numbers approach or exceed 50%, they will start very violent war to convert the whole of India into Islam with a level of violence, similar to, but dozens of times worse than in 1947. Millions of our flower like innocent children will be slaughtered/raped/looted. All 60+ Islamic countries and 117 Christian countries may be fighting amongst themselves but will, very cunningly, join against our children to finish them off. All because the present generation is too busy enjoying their lives, having fun and does not care.  


Now, as a start, there are some very simple, very fair things we can do to protect ourselves. It will take too long to explain but if anyone has any doubt, I shall be happy to explain. Our politicians know all this very well but deliberately look the other way, for selfish, vote bank politics, sadly supported by the most apathetic people, otherwise known as Hindus, in this world and history. 


These 3 minimum, fair steps are urgently needed.

  • Ban "Polygamy for Muslims only". The whole civilized world has done it, a partial list includes USA, Canada, all 12 countries of South America, Russia, China, Japan, Myanmar, Australia, even Nepal and Mauritius, the only 2 other Hindu majority countries.
  • Democratically control their artificially large, very politically motivated families.
  • To supplement religious liberty law, implement a religious responsibility law as well. Prohibit the foreign religions from spreading blind hatred against others, mainly Hindus in India, in very cleverly coded, subliminal teachings in their religious places. Examples, all others are Kafirs, we are all born sinners and the only way out is through Jesus Christ etc.

Thanks and regards,

Anand Sharma 


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How to save

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I just read that a billion Hinduus have converted.

I have a case near my house in Delhi. A girl Radhika is still with her parents but want to marry a Muslim boy. She already does Namaz.. Her parents want help but they don't want to lose her, she is their only child. How do you think we can help


Bhaarat has still many jai Chands who want to break up Bhaarat and destroy Hinduus and Bhaarat. Disgrace of Hinduu Leaders: How Hindus being converted to Islam and Christianity in so called independent Hindusthan is a disgrace on all Hindu leaders and Majority Hindus [?] who are living with no self-respect or dignity.

 Present partitioned India cannot be 80% Hindu and 20% Muslim for long. Either it will be 100% Hindu or 100% Muslim  in   few years. This is for all Hindus to take this challenge in Hands to make India 100% Hindu [Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist] and it can be done  so work for it otherwise there is no tomorrow for Hindus having seen what happened with them in present Pakistan and Bangladesh. Now Hindus existence in imminent danger under secularism.

On Sunday, August 20, 2017, Shriharsha Sharma <> ;



Liberal Hinduus turn a blind eye to Love Jihad, frauds and other methods/ used by Semitic religions for conversion of Hinduus

Love jihad is a reality but the liberals refuse to accept it. Blinkered vision.

         The entire liberal establishment is aghast that the Supreme Court has not dismissed the phenomenon called 'love jihad' or rubbished it as a figment of the imagination of 'communal' politicians and intellectuals.

From Shekhar Gupta and other editorialists to legal luminaries Kapil Sibal and Indira Jaising, everybody is worried about religious freedom. And yes, Asaduddin Owaisi, that champion of secularism and liberty, is also upset. The apex court has ordered a probe into such a case by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), saying that it did not appear to be an isolated instance.

      The court wants the NIA to look into the marriage of Shafin Jahan and Akhila Asokan. A retired SC judge R.V.. Raveendran would supervise the investigation. The idea is to find out the truth about indoctrination, conversion to Islam, etc. Shafin claims that Akhila embraced Islam, took the name of Hadija and married him. The Kerala High Court had annulled the marriage of Akhila suspecting it to be a case of love jihad.

It seems that the nonexistence of love jihad has been an article of faith from our intellectuals

                 As things stand, a competent Central Agency under an SC judge is probing into the matter. But our great intellectuals have already announced their judgment: the top court has erred. An editorial in The Indian Express (August 19) asserted that the apex court unnecessarily "chose to bring in the NIA to probe whether there is a larger, dubious pattern in conversions of Hindu women to Islam. Why was it moved to do so remains unclear, and invites suspicions of judicial over reach." In other words, there is no such pattern: love jihad simply doesn't exist.

      I showed earlier, in January 2015, that intellectuals were, and are, just in the 'denial mode'. "Former Kerala chief minister V.S. Achuthanandan said in July 2010 that Muslim fundamentalists in the state were trying to increase their clout by encouraging conversions.' They also persuade them [Muslim youth] to marry Hindu girls.'

A leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Achuthanandan is ipso facto 'secular.' A few months earlier, the Kerala High Court had found indications of 'forceful' religious conversions under the garb of 'love' in the state and asked the government to consider enacting a law to prohibit such 'deceptive' acts, Police say the girl, a Hindu, was "influenced" into converting to Islam while working at a private firm in Perinthalmanna, Malappuram district, the magazine reported. "Officials say P. Noufal (now in Yemen) of Perinthalmanna was her initial handler before Naser, a member of Sathya Sarani's Da'wa squad (wandering proselytisers), took over. 'Noufal led her to believe that heaven was possible only if she lived like a true Muslim and fought for Islam,' says A..R. Ajithkumar, IGP, Thrissur range."

There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that love jihad is a reality, but liberals are not just blind to it; they have blindfolded themselves

         The magazine also mentioned about a report on the conversions prepared by the state's intelligence branch. The report revealed that between 2011 and 2015, 5,975 people in the state converted to Islam; 1,410 did so in 2015 alone. "An overwhelming number, 76 per cent, of the new converts are women below 35… In January- February this year, 224 Hindus and 60 Christians converted to Islam at a rate of roughly three new converts a day."


Problem is due to Christianity and Islam

We Hindus have many Gods and Goddesses, and respect all others including Christian and Islam. The problem is Christianity and Islam. Christianity teaches, "Your god is no god, only my god is god. All Christians go to Heaven, no matter how evil. All others go to Hell, no matter how virtuous.." That is, Churches are telling all your Non-Christian ancestors have gone to Hell. Do you agree?

Problem is Churches inspired Christians are going around villages and trying to convert by any means - fair or foul. 

Here is the Evil doctrine:

     John 14:6 I am the only way.

     Acts 4:12 There is no salvation in other religions. 

     John 3:16-18 Who does not believe in Jesus is condemned already.


What is wrong with Christianity to call it animal culture? please read A. K. Priolker's book 'the Goa Inquisition" to get an answer. Earlier to Mother Theresa no one was taking the care of poor and destitute? And now also there are no such persons? And what was her main purpose in doing this? Was it not to convert them to Christianity? And what was the result of bringing in English education by McCauley under his educational policy? It increased illiteracy due to closing of Pathshalas by McCauley as only a few could learn and get educated at that time under his educational policy. And about intelligentsia, are you aware of Vedas which were compiled about four thousand or three thousand years B.C.?

vasant sardesai <>: 2017-07-29


Problems with Hinduus in spreading Sanatan Dharm

The problem is that our political leaders in government or in opposition do not accept the reality. They do not admit that Muslim invaders and rulers and Muslims in general have been committing unparalleled atrocities on Hindus since 712. They do not admit that Jinnah was right when he said that Hindus and Muslims cannot live in one country. When you do not define a problem honestly then how can you solve it. They are trying to fool the Hindus by saying - 

1. Terrorism and terrorists have no religion.

2.  Hindu - Muslim Bhaichara

3.  Sarvadharm Sambhav

4. Ganga - Yamuni Sabhyata

5. Majhab nahi sikhata vair rakhna

6. Anekta men ekta.

7. Ghandhivaad. 

Hindus are looking for an honest and strong leadership. They are anxious to follow such a leader.  Valmiki Ramayan says - Shri Ram used to win over his subjects with truth,

From: K. C. Garg <>; Thursday, June 11, 2020

                           sant samaj weather a part of badnam jihad or something else. by D K Dubey Sir

Premiered May 29, 2020

Hinduus will have to be assertive


Hindus are equally entitled for the right to say Kill

.Jihadi supremacists openly say that all non-Muslims in the world should be killed..
The prophet, the original jihadi mad animal, has openly and explicitly said that all non-Muslims should be killed in his teachings. That automatically gives Hindus the right to say all Muslims should be killed.  Hindus are equally entitled to say all Muslims should be killed.
           Why should this right to kill be one sided?  Who gave them that right?  How can an imaginary Allah give them the 'right' to kill other communities?  Their 'right' to kill non-Muslims is also imaginary.
Therefore their imaginary Allah gave them imaginary right to kill non-Muslims.
                 Carl Sagan once said, 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'.  Christopher Hitchens said, 'what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence'.
        Why should a pedophile desert bandit have blasphemy laws? Who gave him the right to create blasphemy laws? An imaginary allah?
How long should Hindus sniff the shit in muslim's a**holes? Hindus have been doing that for 1000 years.
The Bhaaratiya government should draw a comprehensive list of Jihadi supremacists all over the world.  A special task force to track and study the Jihadi supremacists should be created. The internet chat groups and chat rooms run by Muslims should be monitored by the government.

From: Guhananda <>; Sent: May 15, 2020


Christian NGOs exist for only one agenda, to convert and increase their numbers and when they convert a young child, they have created a strong messenger to convert more of the natives.   As Vivekananda says, "it is not just we lost a person, we gained an enemy", because they create animosity between families, communities and within country.

Great Plato (Pagan) of Greece, who followed the message of Bhagavad-Gita, spoke over 2,300 years ago, "Immoral behavior is the symptom of a diseased soul." * Remember, there was no sign of Jesus, Mohammad, Christianity, Islam when such great words of wisdom were spoken. The world had only one Dharm Science, One God with many attributes.


Those vultures of our culture, do not realize, that Bharaat, Hindu, did not forcibly convert any human being, those vultures of humanity, came to our country fraudulently, invaded our country, and looted, when people of India were sleeping, after looting our country, they called us poor. !! 

Only Looter, Lord Kilayu, filled 90 ships of wealth from India, and took to their hungry, so called civilized country.!! 

We all know the history of Muslim Mogul looters.  

  Any change in Indian constitution can not save humanity as Islam and Christianity are conserved under article 29 which provide unlimited fundamental right to loot culprit culture followers. This article can't be amended or changes. Even there are more articles too which govern the loot and destruction of Bharaat by these two- animal cultures..


present faulty constitution, was influenced, by vultures of Hindu culture, to continue their loo, dominate and divide Bharaat, that is why some fanatic, Muslims/ Christians participants, on this forum will not like to hear voice and truth  of suffering Hinduus in Hindustan. !

Vande Mataram

         "Real" Independence occurred since May 2014, the natives of Hindusthan are SECOND TO NONE on earth and are recovering the lost self-esteem, pride & dignity fast.

People BORN IN INDIA (Bhaarat) have the conviction that there is already much divinity & sanctity in the soil of Bhaarat. We don't have to follow FOREIGN religions from distant foreign lands FROM WHERE THE INVADERS & THE COLONISERS CAME. That only creates dangerous divisions in India as we saw thedivision of Bhaarat in UNFORGETABLE year 1947.

          In that year those who followed the Prophet of Mecca considered themselves "SUPERIOR & SEPARATE", that is, "SECOND NATION", and decided to leave the tolerant, civilized, secular Hindusthan, slaughtering millions of INNOCENT citizens and taking away one third of Indian TERRITORY, too. The NATIVES of Bhaarat (whose prophets, gurus or avtaars were born in India) will consider the MUSLIMS fellow citizens only after that PARTITION is UNDONE.

          No one ought to ignore ISLAMIC Pakistan and Bangla Desh even for a second (unless like Pandit's Nehru's view that "India is just dust and sand"!) and start "proselytising" directly or indirectly, among the NATIVE citizens who have ALL the spiritualty, morality and divinity from our own "prophets" ("avtaars") who were born in the blessed (intellectually & spiritually) "FERTILE" soil of Hindusthan- billions years old civilisation!

       With all due respect I commend to you one of the religions that is NATIVE to the sacred soil of Bhaarat- in other words, "Ghar Wapsi".

From: Trishool <>; Sent: Monday, August 14, 2017

हिंदुओं! मेवात दिखा रहा है तुम्हें आईना

by राकेश कुमार आर्य

इस देश के तथाकथित सनातनी हिंदू ने अभी अपनी परंपरागत नींद को त्यागा नहीं है इसने सोते-सोते अफगानिस्तान , पाकिस्तान , बांग्लादेश , ईरान , इराक , अरब और कभी के जंबूद्वीप कहे जाने वाले आज के यूरेशिया के उन अनेक देशों , भौगोलिक स्थानों , भूखंडों को पानी के भाव बहा दिया जो कभी अखंड भारत वर्ष का या आर्यवर्त का एक भाग हुआ करते थे हिन्दू की यह 'कुंभकर्णी नींद' आज भी टूटी नहीं है आजादी मिलने के बाद बहुत सारे हिंदू धर्मनिरपेक्षता की भांग पीकर सो गए देश के नेतृत्व ने उस समय देश की शासन व्यवस्था को चलाने के लिए जिस संविधान का निर्माण किया , उसी ने धर्मनिरपेक्षता को इस हिंदू राष्ट्र का जीवन आदर्श स्थापित करके हिन्दू के मरने का रास्ता प्रशस्त कर दिया और हिंदू ने उस पवित्र पुस्तक को अपनी 'गीता' मानकर पूजना आरंभ कर दिया हिंदू के बारे में यह एक कुख्यात सत्य है कि यह पूजा में अंधा होकर उतरता है। जैसे मुसलमान अंधा होकर भक्ति करता है वैसे ही हिंदू भी अंधा होकर ही भक्ति करता है। यह नहीं देखता कि आगे गुरु खड़ा है या 'गुरु घंटाल' खड़ा है ? आगे दीवार खड़ी है या कि यह दीवार ईश्वर के निराकार स्वरूप को ही उसकी आंखों से ओझल कर रही है ?  अपनी इसी परंपरागत भूल के परिणाम स्वरूप कश्मीर के विस्थापित पंडितों का दर्द हिन्दू ने अनुभव नहीं किया उधर धर्मनिरपेक्षता के नाम पर कश्मीर से हिंदू कटता गया , मिटता गया, लुटता गया, घटता गया और इधर हिंदू 'धर्मनिरपेक्षता जिंदाबाद' के नारे लगाकर उन्हीं लोगों को सत्ता सौंपता रहा जो हिंदू विनाश की नीतियों में विश्वास रखते थे। Please read full article at following URL


Our "Snatani Upper caste Thekedars were stupid and selfish. How stupid and selfish were "Snatani Upper caste Thekedars" just like when they had also denied re-conversion of more than 2 lakhs of Kashmiri Muslims to become Hindus again. Had these anti-Hindu and anti-Indian acts not been done the situation would have been brighter than what it is today and perhaps had also culminated into a bigger and stronger "Akhand Bharat? Will any of the "Snatani" please try to clear this puzzle for future guidance?

Colonel Y V Tuli (Retired)

The history of Kashmiri Muslims tells, just about 90 years ago, when all of them wanted to be re-converted to "Hinduism" but your Kashmiri "Snatani" Pundits claimed them to be "Ashud", as such not worth to be considered for "ghar-wapsi". There are as many stories of such Snatani Brahmans as the number of them they are living.  I am sure that you know till now, only "Arya Smajis" are converting willing Muslims to Hinduism, under Govt legal law, after giving a 30 days-notice in news- papers/public ads, because they only do it.

From: tuli yashvir -; May 8, 2017

                Hindus are partly responsible for conversion of Hinduus by Muslims and Christians who are united even in disagreement for conversion purpose of Hinduus.  Hinduus are divided, and have created casts, such as dalits. Huge number of Hinduus accept Dalits them as Hinduus, let them go to temples and the Dalits will becomes Hindus. Hinduus are ready to give dalits food, clothing, shelter if necessary so they love Hinduism and become Hinduus. Hinduus donate  huge wealth in form of money and jewellery to temples, which is  not used for poor Hinduus but hoarded by a few people such as trustees and pujaries who let it sit there or corruptly steal a lot of wealth  instead of spending money on Dalits, poor Hinduus and other Hinduu causes.To mak Bhaarat Hindu nation, convert dalits to Hinduism by helping them, not discard them because of the work, they do to keep, our country, homes and temples clean.


                                  It was Nehru and Gandhi who favored Muslims who helped in spreading Islam in independent Bhaarat.

        Congress always acted against the country and Hinduus..  Now it is openly said by some learned historians that Nehru was a Muslim & Shaikh Abdullah was his brother from his father, Motilal's second wife, so against all norms, Nehru made Shaikh Abdullah also Prime Minister of J&K. At that time, Nehru was a towering figure no one could oppose him, not even the Generals of that time, Nor Sardar Patel even when he (Nehru) first in the world recognised Tibet against Sardar Patel's advices both verbally and in writing.  That fool Nehru Never understood it as he had No vision but was owing to British to making fool innocent Indian masses.

         While other Satyagrahies including our Veer Savarkar were given severe Punishment since Cellular jails and had to work as bulls to extract Oils in  "Kowloon", Nehru was given his choicest meals as per his whims & daily newspapers.  It is great irony that Gandhi- Nehru did Not get a scratch on their body during entire Freedom struggle, while our Veer Kranikaries & Satyagrahies got severe beatings & our KRANTIKaries were forced to sit or lie down on Ice slabs. That was the luxury Nehru had enjoyed who always had a fresh Red Rose on his dress jacket. Another funny thing is change of surname from Nehru to Gandhi, why & how? how the Dynasty is still shamelessly carrying on with the same fake "Gandhi" surname in spite of their Italian Surname, that is Present Congress.

Satish Gupta <>; June 11, 2020

Likely Future of Semitic Religions

On Sun, 24 Sep 2017 Vishwas Pitke <> writes:

You have confirmed and vomited your jihadi attitude.

You followers of Semitic religion and your types will be punished not by GOD but by all of us.

Do not dream that Muslim will ever dominate Bhaarat again.

You will be tamed day by day and will be converted soon back to Hinduism.

Hinduism is a direction less religion allows people to follow/practice whichever way one feels. This liberalism thus has no Guidance or strict adherence of following Hinduism. Hinduus open mindedness for "Vishwa Kalyan, Atithi Devo Bhava, Vishwa ek  Kutumba ideology has led it to nowhere but to its decline/ extinction at some places. Hinduu rituals maybe having deep meaning but it is incomprehensible. Thus like Christianity, Islam Hinduuism has to find a way out to guide its followers meaningfully. As of now what Panditji recites as mantra he only knows and the rituals he performs nobody knows. It must be made  simple, meaning full, easily understood and thus people may be able to follow Hinduu religion otherwise Hinduism will not spread nor people would be able to spread it. It seems that under proper circumstances all man-made religions would perish and Hinduus must unite to bring to end all man- made religions. Hinduus must take into its fold all those non-Hinduus who want to adopt Sanatan Dharma. Like followers of Semitic religions Hinduus should encourage non-Hinduus to come back to Sanatan Dharma.

In Modi reign, most likely with in the next 15 years Semitic religions might be finished and most of followers of semitic religion will come back to Sanatan Dharma

सभी हिन्दुओं और अन्य मतावलम्बियों के पूर्वज वैदिक धर्मी आर्य थे

Posted: 07 Aug 2017

मनमोहन कुमार आर्य संसार का सबसे पुराना धर्म संस्कृति कौन सी है? संसार में हिन्दू, पारसी, बौद्ध, जैन, ईसाई मुस्लिम आदि मत संस्कृतियां विद्यमान हैं परन्तु इनकी उत्पत्ति आज से अधिकतम तीन या चार हजार वर्ष पूर्व ही हुई है। ब्रह्माण्ड के इस पृथिवी गृह पर मानव सृष्टि की समय अब से...

सभी हिन्दुओं और अन्य मतावलम्बियों के पूर्वज वैदिक धर्मी आर्य थे

Please read article at avobe website

                    We have in Guyana many Hinduus that cannot have democracy and we don't see any of you offering to help. 

 Dhanpaul Narine <>; June 15, 2020



"All new ideas good or bad, great or small start with a one-man minority" - anonymous

A man without god is a man. A God without man is nothing!!

The greatest knowledge is the knowledge that there is so much more to know and the greatest discovery is the discovery that there is so much more to discover


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