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What is Dry Hair:

Dry hair occurs when your hair does not receive enough moisture. This reduces its sheen and can make your hair appear frizzy, lifeless, and dull. Dry hair can affect men and women of any age. When oil and moisture escapes your hair, it becomes dry and lacks the sheen and soft texture you desire. The moisture level of the body should be 80% for the hair to be in good condition.
When the hair is in good condition with good porosity the cuticle layer holds the hair tight and the hair does not look dry. But, when the hair is in a bad condition with bad porosity the cuticle layer loosens the hair and the hair looks dry. If the body's moisture level is good the hair does not become dry. Our hair needs a lot of oils for it to remain in good condition.

Dry Hair Symptoms:

Hair symptoms may accompany other symptoms, which vary depending on the underlying disease, disorder or condition. Symptoms that frequently affect the hair may also involve other body systems.


Dry Hair Causes:

* Strong shampoo
* Wash hair excessively
* Dry or hot weather
* Swimming spending more time.
* Excessive use of Dryer
* Spending more time in open areas
* Hair color treatments too often
* High level of minerals in local water supplies
* Low Quality Hair Products
* Not washing Hair when it needed

Dry Hair Home Remedies:

* Get regular hair trims every 6-8 weeks to trim off the spilt ends.
* Cut back on blow drying.
* Mix one spoon of vinegar to water and rinse hair. It makes the hair shiny.
* Lemon juice act like a natural moisturizer for hair. Take a mug of water and mix some lemon extract to it. Now wash your hair with it right after applying a shampoo.
* Shampoos containing harsh chemicals can make the hair dry. This is why you should go for mild herbal shampoos which are prepared from all natural ingredients. They clean the hair gently and you get normal silky hair over a short period.
* Use daily conditioners and even better, use a leave in conditioner as well.
* Use Boars hair brushes. These distribute oils better throughout the hair, down the hair shaft.
* Make a hair pack with some almond or olive oil mixed with egg yolk. Apply this pack on your hair and leave it till dry. This will moisturize the hair and reduce dryness if used regularly.
* Keep use of heating products to a minimum if possible. And always use a styling product that specifically protect hair during heat process.
* Use products that don't contain alcohol.


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