Thursday, 2 April 2020

[] Re: The Corona Hysteria


Though I do not agree with your prescription of turmeric  tea and other so called home-remedies without evidence, I do agree that the measures adopted in this lock-down a bit too much. It is like burning down the barn to kill a mouse. The situation is unprecedented and so I refrain from making a black and white judgment.

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The Corona Hysteria


The corona virus is just a virus, which as every virus is self limiting. The majority of those infected by it recover after fifteen days, and the corona virus cannot again infect them.

Thanks to this Corona terror, hundreds die of heart ailments without Doctors help, Kidney patients, Liver patients, Cancer patients, my God, millions of patients have no medical assistance. All of them are abandoned.

The TV channels are competing with each other in creating the Corona terror. They do not focus on the fact that almost 85% of those infected by the virus are recovering completely and as any other virus, corona too is self limiting and leaves the infected on its own. But more labourers may be dying of starvation due to the unemployment they are forced into than due to Corona. There is the spectacle of total economic collapse, and when millions starve, can they escape Corona or million other diseases?

The feeble voice that Corona can be avoided or cured, when one does not allow the lungs to be blocked by mucus by breathing turmeric steam, by taking hot tea,coffee,or milk or simple hot water at least four times,every day and by swallowing the mucus and not allowing it to accumulate in the lungs is simply ignored. All channels are concentrating on creating mass hysteria. There are now no maternity and child delivery hospitals working thanks to the hysteria. The Policemen pounce on those who venture out desperately. The problem is not Corona; it is the gigantic mass hysteria.




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