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23 Tips from a Nutrition Expert

We asked a nutrition expert to provide our readers with some important health tips and information they may not be already aware of. This is what she had to say:

1. Defrosting, any defrosting, must be gradual. From the freezer to the fridge, and not directly to the outside.

2. Plastic work surfaces accumulate bacteria. They must be soakedf in water with vinegar, and I highly recommend using wooden work surfaces, as they contain natural disinfectant materials.

3. There is almost NO difference in milk fat %. Drinking milk is always 3%. 0% milk is only milk water (the water created in process of making cream, cheese or butter).

4. If you want to freeze fruit, it's a good idea to pour sugar on them before they are frozen to preserve their taste.

5. When preparing dough, please use cold water during winter, and ice water during summer. That way the dough will rise to its maximal height.

6. The sugar leaf is the sweetest plant in the world. It is 30 times sweeter than sugar with zero calories. 1/3 of a leaf can sweeten a cup of coffee or tea. It can be bought at health stores as an extract.

7. The difference between Margarine and plastic is one molecule! The margarine contains transfats that do not melt in your arteries.

8. Corn and lettuce are mostly undigested by the body.

9. Eggshells are 100% calcium. If you have plants, a good idea is to water them with water mixed with eggshells.

10. Wines:

Red wine: Not to use more than 8 hours after the bottle has been opened.

White wine: Keep cold and do not use 10-12 hours after the bottle has been opened.

11. Those of you who are addicted to white sugar - Eat something out of whole wheat flour slowly and the need will die down.

12. Black olives, when in cans, are not black olives but blackened olives. 10. True olive oil is golden, not green. The greener, the more food colorings in it and other food stuffs that you don't need.

14. Honey that flows is not real bee honey. Real honey hardens and stays that way until heated up.

15. Puff pastry contains huge amounts of fat - I don't recommend it. But if you do make it, do NOT freeze it.

16. Sugar and alcohol never freeze.

17. Strawberries grown in the field is a magnet for insects and pesticides, not recommended.

18. Ground black pepper you buy at the supermarket is not pepper. Only buy those that are grounded in front of you.

19. Yellow cheese is the melting down of leftover hard white cheeses, with the addition of yellow food stuffs made out of coal and considered one of the most dangerous food stuff. It causes allergies, hyperactivity (mainly for kids) and is generally bad for your health.

20. Artificial Sweetners = Poison. 

21. A teaspoon of sugar holds on 13-16 calories.

22. When storing eggs, keep them away from other products and never in the origial carton. If you can't put them in the door, then put them in the top shelf of the refrigerator, where it's warmer, and away from other products, especially cooked meat, chicken or fish.

23. Do not rinse eggs unless you plan to use them immediately!


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