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[] Newspapers are not CARRIERS OF COVID-19


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Newspapers are not
carriers of Covid-19
Get the facts right

Get the facts right

As the coronavirus cases spike in the country, people are getting influenced by 

misleading information that is being circulated on WhatsApp.

Don't believe in rumours

Don't believe in rumours

One such rumour doing the rounds has been that the Coronavirus infection can spread through newspapers. At a time when people are following social distancing for fear of contracting the virus from an infected person, these rumours are only making the situation worse and creating panic.

Newspaper can't spread the virus!

Newspaper can't spread the virus!

Health experts have strongly refuted claims of the virus spreading through newspapers or for that matter packages received from ecommerce players or couriers. A report in The Economic Times quoted Nivedita Gupta, chief epidemiologist at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), as saying that Covid-19 is a "respiratory infection" and there is "no risk" of catching it through newspapers and packages.

How does the Coronavirus spread?

How does the Coronavirus spread?

The virus spreads from person to person when an infected person sprays droplets into the air that contain the virus and another person taking them in while breathing. Doctors have also ruled out that the virus is airborne.

How long can the virus survive on surface?

How long can the virus survive on surface?

"Survivability of the virus on cardboard surfaces is quite low as compared to metal or steel; hence there is no chance of the virus being spread through newspapers," Dr Randeep Guleria said.


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