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The poor ignorant man keeps rambling. And that too about Hinduism, which is probably the oldest RELIGION in the world. Not like Abrahamic religions, of which CHRITIANITY IS ONE. REMEMBER, CHRISTIANITY IS A MAN MADE RELIGION.


Francis Xavier was the embodiment of the spirit of evangelization and following his example there was a great movement to convert the heathen in Asia. "St. Xavier had come to the East representing both the Pope – as a legate, and the king (of Portugal) as an Inspector of Missions". (K. M. Panikker, Asia and Western Dominance, Bombay, 1999, p. 66). Dogmatic and intolerant, he was a man of blind faith. (Ibid, p. 283) Indeed the double-dealings he followed in different places clearly reflected the state-Church combine attitude of European expansionism and attack against the Oriental countries and their cultures. The heinous and intolerant Christianizing policies were so typical of European barbarity that they would put even Christ to shame! Xavier acted with the help of the Portuguese Governor of Kollam, on the west coast of Kerala. This missionary, with the help of the Portuguese Governor, extended economic help to the fisher folk of the Kollam coast, while the latter cautioned about the likely disasters in case they abstain from embracing Christianity. Thus, with the twin weapons – economic help on the one side and the method of terrorizing on the other, Xavier converted innumerable Fishers or 'Mukkuvas' to Christianity. (S. D. Kulkarni, The story of Hindu Supremacy, Bombay, 1992, p. 44.) Xavier was committed not only to see the Hindus converted but their icons of worship broken too. But he did it not the way Ghazni or Muhamad II followed in their iconoclastic expeditions. His barbarism was sugar coated with the jackal's diplomacy. The unbound ecstasy Francis Xavier derived from the sight of the Hindu idols being broken is thus described in one of the letters he wrote to the 'Society of Jesus' after his having successfully mass-baptized the people of Malabar Coast:

It is interesting to note that the European Church with all its operations falling wide off the real teachings of Jesus Christ was the best example of colonial and imperialist interests of the European powers and it was up to any extent ready to prostitute the ideals of the great Nazarene if that would help exploit and destroy the cradles of ancient civilization to feather its nest. And it had an army of missionaries to execute its greedy warrant. Oriental cultures like India, China and Japan suffered a lot from them.  Most notorious was Francis Xavier who was sworn to uproot the Oriental cultures by torpedoing their socio-economic stability and bring them under the European domination. For this he and his coterie were prepared to adopt any devilish means.

Thus Panikker says:  In 1543 Goa was made a Bishopric with authority extending over the entire Far East. Special instructions were issued to the Portuguese Viceroy to root out the infidels. Hindu temples in Goa were destroyed and their property distributed to religious orders (like the Franciscans) in 1540. (Asia and Western Dominance, Somayya Publications, Mumbai, 1999, p. 280)


Can we have a more enlightened dialogue, please? By educated persons.


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Whoever want to abuse Hindu society they have to go back to dead history and do not talk to the current constitutional provisions.
1. Gamble away one's wife: It is an interpolation. Despite of this, it has happened as a rarest of the rare of 10000 years of history. But the perverted mindsets, can generalise it for and on whole of the Hindu community, because they want to show their greatness, as if they had not done any atrocity.

2. Burn widows. It had prevailed in Bengal. But it can be generalized and applied to whole of the Community as all time tradition. BOW WOW.

No need to reply onto the Hindus' reaction on Muslims' executed genocides. According to them, all Hindus should act like a Saint. No Hindus should show his intolerance even by the way of a reply. Every action including nonviolent reply of Hindus would be termed as his intolerance.      

On Thursday, 19 March, 2020, 07:50:28 am IST, Xavier William [aryayouthgroup] <> wrote:

Yes indeed, Hinduism is a way of life where they
1. Gamble away ones wife
2. Burn widows
3. slay sudras for for doing Pujas and then boasting sanctimoneously that there is no caste but only Varna in Hinduism.
4. treat Muslims like animals and cows like gods
5. duty of a Shudra is to serve the upper varnas faithfully with devotion and without grumbling. (Manu 1-91)
6. A hundred year old Kshatriya must treat a ten year old Brahmin boy as his father. (Manu 11-135)
  • 7. The Brahmin should never invite persons of other varnas for food... In case, the latter begs the Brahmin for food, the Brahmin may give them some left-over. Even these left-over must be served not by the Brahmin but by his servants outside the house. (Manu II2).
  • 8.He who instructs Shudra pupils and he whose teacher is a Shudra shall become disqualified for being invited to a shradha. (Manu III. 156.)
  • 9. A Shudra is unfit of receive education. The upper varnas should not impart education or give advice to a Shudra.It is not necessary that the Shudra should know the laws and codes and hence need not be taught. Violators will go to as amrita hell. (Manu IV-78 to 81)
  • 10. "Let him not dwell in a country where the rulers are Shudras." (Manu IV. 61)
  • 11. He must never read the Vedas in the presence of the Shudras. (Manu IV. 99.)
  • If you want to know more about the noble ways of Hinduism see
And of course these vedic Hindus are the only ones on earth who brag and brag all the time about their ancestry and nobility in spite of so much evidence to the the contrary.
Jai Sri Ram
Jai Manu

On Wed, 18 Mar 2020 at 06:09, 'K. C. Garg' [aryayouthgroup] <> wrote:

Very Good.

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 09:32:26 PM GMT+5:30, Mohan Natarajan [aryayouthgroup] <> wrote:





When Hindus were wishing  each other with Namaste - They laughed

When Hindus were washing hands and legs before entering home - They laughed

When Hindus were worshiping Animals - They laughed

When Hindus were worshiping Plants Trees  Forests - They laughed 

When Hindus were primarily having Veg diet
- They laughed.

When Hindus were doing Yoga - They laughed.

When Hindus were worshiping God and Goddess - They Laughed

When Hindus were burning the dead - They laughed

When Hindus bathed after attending a funeral - They laughed.

Well guess what ?? No body is laughing now..

So Its Rightly Said;"Hinduism Is Not A Religion, It Is A Way Of Life"


"All new ideas good or bad, great or small start with a one-man minority" - anonymous

A man without god is a man. A God without man is nothing!!

The greatest knowledge is the knowledge that there is so much more to know and the greatest discovery is the discovery that there is so much more to discover


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