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If the independence movement in India and South Africa had taken place in the 19th or the early 20th century, they would not have succeeded.
I was not born at the time of the independence struggle. So I do not know how it was conducted. But we know that a mere 30000 British managed to rule over 20 million or more Indians. If they could have done it for centuries they could have gone on doing it till date. Just imagine how effective Gandhi and his non-violence would have been against a dictator like  Stalin or Saddam Hussein. A non-violent struggle can be effective only against a humanistic or democratic administration like the British one. So  the British deserve as much or far more credit for our independence than the credit given to Gandhi or our independence struggle.
Though we were not there to witness India's independence, we were very much there to witness the independence struggle of the blacks in South Africa. They won Independence not because of the struggle put up by Nelson Mandela but by the public opinion built up over the decades against apartheid and the resulting alienation of South Africa and the various embargos against them in the economic field as well as in the cultural field such as their exclusion from Olympics.
Times have changed and the way independence struggles are conducted have changed as a result of which humanism on the part of the rulers as well as by the ruled play the most important part in independence. But we go on giving credit for such independence movements only to the ruled totally disregarding the role played by modern rulers in such independence struggles as in India and in South Africa

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This is not a good comparison
Also the massive non-cooperation and the public display of opposition to the rule can not just be termed as acting 
True nothing can be ever conclusively proved in history but we need to use common sense. We cannot even show if Ganesh was the first plastic surgery or not or Pushpak vim the first turbo jet plane or not. But we need to have some connected facts and available texts to decide what may be closer to the truth.
Otherwise it is difficult to know anything

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In movies there is the producer, the story writer, script writer, director, musicians and a lot of behind-the-scene workers. But it is often the main actors who get the most credit and the money with minimum of risks. In the same way it was Gandhi and the congress who got the maximum credit for India's independence. However to my knowledge it was public opinion in the West that contributed most to our independence. But this has been forgotten by our historians..
In like manner, had it not been for the Indian Army, Bangladesh would never have gained independence from Pakistan. But now the Bangladeshis claim that it was the Mukthi Bahini that brought independence to BD. In the process the role of the Indian army is almost forgotten and we are treated like enemies by BD.
Similarly had it not been for the timely interference by the French navy, America would not have gained independence when it did. However, after getting their independence, the Americans were indifferent and even inimical towards the French.
One must conclude that in history things are not what they seem.

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Normally, you write well. But this week you have disappointed us.

Gandhi is not above criticism. Hegde is  a very dynamic patriotic Indian. He has aired his views.
Nothing wrong.

When ATLEE was asked, what was Gandhi's contribution to India getting independence, he said
Gandhi's role was minimal.  It was Subash Chandra Bose, who made the British leave India. I am
quoting the extract which appeared in INDIA TODAY

Did India win Independence because of the non-violent movement led by Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru or was it the impact of Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army that made the British panic and leave India? The declassification of the Netaji files has sparked a massive debate on the need to rewrite modern Indian history.
A yet to be published book by Netaji scholar General GD Bakshi has published conversations with Clement Attlee. In these conversations the then British Prime Minister apparently said that the role played by Netaji's army was paramount in India being granted independence, while the role played by the non-violent movement was dismissed as minimal.. India Today has secured an advance copy of - Bose: An Indian Samurai.

Gandhi supported Khilafat movement.  When malayalees were massacred by Mopla muslims
in Kerala, he supported the muslims saying, they are acting as per their religious text.
dead body.  But he kept quiet when our country was truncated without consulting the people
of India.India is not the property of Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah.
Again, when Ambedkar told Gandhi that muslims can never co-exist with HIndus and there
should be exchange of population, Gandhi vetoed the idea and now we are paying the
price in the form SHAHEEN BAUGH. What a shame for Indians.
Again, Gandhi slept naked with two naked girls to test the power of celibacy. If a BJP
leader does the same thing, hell will break out in INdia.
CONGIS always attack GODSE viciously and venomously. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by
yardstick for GODSE and one for tamil militants.Even the dynasty is in regular touch with
Rajiv killers. What it shows? May be a conspiracy was hatched to eliminate Rajiv so that
VATICAN supporters can take over InDIA.
Perhaps, you may be under compulsion to take an anti-BJP and anti-Hindu stand in all
matters - prerogative of  your management. BUT REMEMBER - TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING




"All new ideas good or bad, great or small start with a one-man minority" - anonymous

A man without god is a man. A God without man is nothing!!

The greatest knowledge is the knowledge that there is so much more to know and the greatest discovery is the discovery that there is so much more to discover


"All new ideas good or bad, great or small start with a one-man minority" - anonymous

A man without god is a man. A God without man is nothing!!

The greatest knowledge is the knowledge that there is so much more to know and the greatest discovery is the discovery that there is so much more to discover


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