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Insulin Inhaler Wins FDA Approval

After a decade-long quest to develop an inhalable form of insulin for diabetics, billionaire-inventor Alfred Mann finally won approval from the FDA. 
On Friday, his company, MannKind Corp, was given the all clear to proceed with their drug named 'Afrezza'.
insuling inhaler

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the body either does not use insulin efficiently or fails to make enough insulin to break down the sugar in foods. Such a problem can cause blindness, heart disease, strokes and ultimately death. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of the disease. It is where the body is unable to use insulin properly. Type 1 diabetes is most often diagnosed in children and young adults. This is where the body does not produce insulin.

The FDA cleared this drug for use by type I and type II diabetics. The inhaler will be used to help control blood-sugar levels during meals. Instead of the painful and unpleasant injection most diabetes patients have to go through today, a quick puff before the meal will do the trick.

The FDA also warns that patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should avoid this drug, as it may cause airway complications for them.

This drug, says the FDA, is not a replacement for long acting insulin. Diabetics would still need to get an injection from time to time. But on a day to day basis, before meals, these patients will be able to take a quick inhalation instead of an injection. And as most of them will surely tell you - that is a world of difference.

The inhalant is to be taken at the beginning of each meal or at least 20 minutes after the diabetic has begun eating. Top insulin levels, according to MannKind Copr, will occur within 12-15 minutes after inhaling Afrezza. This in comparison with the 45-90 minutes it takes with the injected insulin.

There are about 30 million diabetics in the US alone. Worldwide, diabetes has become a pandemic, with demand for more effective treatments rising every year. This solution represents one of many diabetes treatments currently fighting for approval. It is my hope that it is the first of many truly effective treatments we will see hitting the market this coming decade.


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